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Tsinghua University is the first to carry out vehicle engineering talent training and scientific research in China, and it has a history of 87 years. In 1980, the Department of Automotive Engineering of Tsinghua University was formally established. In 2019, in response to the technological changes brought about by the electrification, intelligence, connectivity, and sharing of automobiles, Tsinghua University formally established the School of Vehicles and Transportation, and at the same time cancelled the Department of Automotive Engineering. . The college has four research institutes, forming a layout of "one college and four institutes". The "four institutes" are the Vehicle Power Engineering Research Institute, the Automotive Engineering Research Institute, the Intelligent Travel Research Institute, and the Special Vehicle and Power Research Institute. The "four institutes" cover new energy vehicles, new power, internal combustion power, transportation energy, automotive design, automotive dynamics, automotive safety, industrial strategy, smart cars, vehicle-road collaboration, smart signals, smart travel, special vehicles, and special power , New equipment and other disciplines. The School of Vehicle and Transportation of Tsinghua University is the only domestic institution of higher learning that has two national key disciplines of vehicle engineering, power machinery, and engineering. It is important for my country to train high-level and high-level automotive engineering technology and management talents, as well as scientific research and technology development. base. As of March 2019, a total of 4882 undergraduate students, 1261 master students, 327 doctoral students, 190 international students have been trained, and 349 post-doctoral students have been out of the station and on-site.

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