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Study Journalism in France

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Erudera's Complete Guide to Studying Journalism in France

Reasons to Study Journalism in France

Get Trained in All Aspects of Journalism

In France, during their studies, students of the field of journalism will participate in workshops and get to apply their skills in various settings outside their classrooms. You will also have opportunities to volunteer on campus or work in the offices of the university. Considering how culture and ethics are very important in journalism, you will be prepared for the responsibilities that come with your profession.

Excellent System of Higher Education

France’s higher education is rich and diverse. It has been ranked among some of the best higher education systems in the world, and this fact has managed to attract in France students from the farthest corner of the world. So, whether you wish to pursue a degree at a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral level, universities in France will provide you with a curriculum that is student-centered and will try to create the best possible conditions so that you will develop professionally in your chosen field.

Benefit From the Experience of France’s Best Journalists

The aim of the academic professionals in France is to help you develop skills such as public speaking, writing, technological skills, and will help you understand what is the relationship of journalism to politics, society, and power. The importance of having teachers that are great in their fields is of huge importance. In France, you will learn from lecturers that lead their lectures with open-mindedness, innovation, curiosity, and willingness to be as collaborative as possible.

Great Learning Environment

The environment in which you learn plays a huge role in the success of your studies, and for international students studying in France, this environment is one of the most welcoming. In France, even if you find it difficult to adjust and have to repeat a year, you will not be stigmatized since this phenomenon is quite common in French universities. In addition to this, you will be exposed to the amazing culture of the French during your daily life.


France has many universities that offer courses in journalism, and they all might have different requirements that prospective students must meet. Having this in mind, it is always advisable to check with the university of your choice about the requirements and see if you are eligible to apply.

Some general requirements that you must meet in order to study journalism in France are:

  • High school diploma or certificate (if you are applying for an undergraduate degree)
  • Bachelor’s degree (if you are applying for a postgraduate degree)
  • Online application form
  • Official transcripts and their translation
  • Academic recommendation letters
  • Motivation letter
  • Personal statement
  • Work experience (for some postgraduate degrees)
  • English or French proficiency (depending on the language of instruction of your university)

Application Process

Each student who decides to study abroad will have to deal with the long process of preparing the documents needed to apply. In France, all students applying for their first year of undergraduate studies apply through ParcousUp. However, international students coming from a non-European country should first apply for an admission request in the French embassy in their home country. Information about the application process through ParcousUp can be found on their official website.

Note that you can also apply directly to the university of your choice by using the application portal on your university website. Details about the documents, requirements and all application procedures can be found on the website of the university or you can contact the university officials directly for any uncertainties you may have.

Degree Duration: How Long Does It Take to Study Journalism in France?

The length of your degree will depend on the level of your studies. If you are studying journalism at an undergraduate level you will complete your studies in three or four years. Master’s degrees in journalism take one to two years of full-time study to complete. While pursuing a Ph.D. in journalism will take at least three years to complete.

Universities in France offer several journalism courses. During your studies you will study: Writing and Reporting; Media and Communication; Digital Journalism; Media Law, Policy, and Ethics; Media Industries: Strategies, Markets, and Consumers, and complete internships in editorship, online news, video journalism, fashion journalism, investigative journalism, etc.

Tuition Fees: How Much Does It Cost to Study Journalism in France?

Tuition fees in France are some of the lowest in Europe. This is one of the reasons why thousands of students come to study in the country. Normally, in French public universities, the cost of tuition for a Bachelor’s degree is EUR 170 per year. For a Master’s degree, the cost of tuition reaches the amount of EUR 243 per year. The cost of pursuing a Ph.D. in France is the highest, costing around EUR 380 per year. Note that apart from public universities, France has quite a few private schools and tuition fees in these institutions can be far more expensive than in public schools.

Now, even though tuition fees are quite low in France, know that the living costs are an additional factor you should consider when studying abroad. These costs include but are not limited to:

  • Accommodation
  • Transportation
  • Books
  • Food
  • Utilities

Journalism Career Prospects in France

Graduating from one of France’s higher education institutions will equip you with an unshakeable foundation in skills that are essential in the discipline of journalism. This means that the skills you develop as part of your journalism degree will be transferable to a number of industries, increasing your chances of getting a job in one of the many areas of journalism.

Journalists can work as:

  • Editors
  • Editorial Assistants
  • Broadcast journalists
  • Content Writers
  • Newspaper Journalists
  • Digital Copywriters
  • Magazine Journalists
  • Content Managers
  • Public Relations Specialists

The salary of a journalist in France starts as low as EUR 25,000 ($30,314) to EUR 83,000 ($100,642).

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