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Study Journalism in Australia

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Erudera's Complete Guide to Studying Journalism in Australia

Reasons to Study Journalism in Australia

Great Universities

Australian universities have become some of the most popular universities to study the field of journalism. This is because they offer one of the best education, they have great lecturers, and they do their best to create the best study environment for both their national and international students. In addition to this, Australian universities are universities that rank high in international rankings when it comes to the field of journalism.

Building up your skill-set

Undertaking a course in journalism in Australia will allow you to develop a set of skills that employers around the world will appreciate greatly. Some of these skills include being able to get information out of people, think independently and critically, take initiative, and many other skills. So, while studying journalism in Australia you will have the opportunity to develop these skills through different course work and practice that is offered in Australian universities.


And finally, another great thing about studying journalism in Australia is the networking opportunities you will have while studying in the country. As networking is very important for your career, in Australia you will have the opportunity to connect with people that can impact your career advancement. Apart from networking with your fellow students, you will also meet the teaching staff and their contacts and you will attend journalism events organized by your university.

Top Universities to Study Journalism in Australia

Some of the best universities in Australia for Journalism are:

  1. Bond University
  2. University of Newcastle
  3. University of Melbourne
  4. Curtin University of Technology
  5. Central Queensland University
  6. Deakin University
  7. Griffith University
  8. Jschool: Journalism Education & Training
  9. Monash University
  10. Charles Sturt University


In order to receive an offer from Australian universities, you must show that you have a strong academic record. Depending on the level of study you plan to pursue, you will be required to submit a high school diploma for undergraduate studies, and a Bachelor’s degree in the field of journalism or in a similar field for postgraduate studies. Other requirements may include submitting reference letters, proof of work experience, a personal statement, etc.

To study journalism in Australia, you should also demonstrate your proficiency in English (unless your first language is English). English tests that Australian universities accept are the International English Language Testing System (IELTS), Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL iBT), Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic, Cambridge English C1 Advanced and Cambridge English C2 Proficiency. Note that each university may have different score requirements when it comes to English tests so make sure you check with the university for this information.

Application Process

The general process of applying to Australian universities includes the following steps:

  • Choose the university that you want to apply to
  • Check if you meet the eligibility criteria
  • Prepare the supporting documents
  • Fill out the application form
  • Prepare financially
  • Apply for a student visa once you receive your admission letter
  • Plan for accommodation
  • Move to Australia and begin with your studies

Nota that you must submit your application directly to the university of your choice. Moreover, make sure you send your application within the set deadline so you do not risk having your application rejected.


To apply to an Australian university you can also do it through:

  • UAC - Universities Admissions Centre (if you have completed an Australian Year 12 in or outside Australia, have obtained an International Baccalaureate Diploma, or have an NCEA - Level three.
  • You can also apply through a private agent

Degree Duration: How Long Does It Take to Study Journalism in Australia?

In Australia, you will spend three to four years of full-time study to complete an undergraduate degree in the field of journalism. A bachelor degree in this field will equip you with further knowledge about the concepts and skills that are used in broadcast, print, and web-based journalism. If you wish to gain more expertise in the field of journalism you can pursue a postgraduate degree.

In Australia, a master’s degree in journalism will take at least one year of full-time study to complete. A Ph.D. in journalism usually takes longer than master’s degrees (at least three-years of full-time study. The fields of journalism in which you can specialize in Australia include environmental journalism, broadcast journalism, political journalism, sports reporting, financial and business reporting, etc.

Tuition Fees: How Much Does It Cost to Study Journalism in Australia?

You can study journalism in Australia by paying quite reasonable tuition fees. Even though they might differ depending on the university you choose to attend, you will receive great training and education in whichever university you choose to study. For instance, in Australia you can expect to pay around AU$15,000 (US$11,041) to AU$48,000 (US$35,333) per year for a bachelor’s degree in journalism.

In addition to tuition fees you should also consider other fees and costs. These include registration fees, and overseas student health cover. In addition to the costs of studying abroad, you should also budget for the living costs. Accommodation, food, and lifestyle expenses are included in the living costs, and should be taken into consideration before you move to Australia.

Journalism Career Prospects in Australia

In today’s market, journalism has become quite a competitive profession. However, journalism graduates have managed to secure profitable jobs not only across the media in Australia, but also in many other places around the world, occupying even senior positions in different companies. When it comes to the salary, in Australia journalists earn different salaries, depending on the city in which they choose to work and the profession they would like to take.

For instance, some of the highest paying cities in Australia for journalists are Rhodes NSW, Brisbane QLD, Sydney NSW, and Melbourne VIC. While depending on the profession, an editor in Australia earns around AU$83,206 (US$61,205), a content writer earns around AU$67,820 (US$49,887), a writer earns around AU$75,140 (US$55,271), a social media specialist earns around AU$75,894 (US$55,826), and a news editor earns around AU$70,941 (US$52,183) per year.

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