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Study Computer Science in Australia

Study Computer Science in Australia

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Erudera's Complete Guide to Studying Computer Science in Australia

Reasons to Study Computer Science in Australia

Study in Prestigious Universities

Computer science forms the basis of the technology we rely on today, and universities in Australia are quite advanced when it comes to delivering courses in this field. You will find the most up-to-date courses delivered in the field of computer science, starting from programming to networking systems. In addition to this Australia is a perfect place to study the field of computer science, not only because of its prestigious universities but also because of the leading researchers that work in these institutions. The projects that researchers are working on include the fields of artificial intelligence, computer systems, database systems, and many more.

Connect with Employers of the Computer Science Industry

No matter which field of study you choose you will always need to practice in order to become better at your profession. Australian universities have numerous agreements with more than 15,000 industry placements which you can use to gain more practical experience in your profession. Nowadays most industries use technology in some way so the skills and knowledge you gain will greatly support whatever workplace you decide to contribute to. In addition to industry placements, while studying in Australia you will have the opportunity to attend events and network with professionals of similar fields as yours.

Study in a Great Place

The thousands of international students that come to study in Australia each year do not choose the country only for its universities and research and employment opportunities. They also choose to study in Australia because it is an excellent travel destination with lots of beautiful landscapes, beaches, rainforests that you can enjoy in your free time. You can also use your stay in Australia to make new friends and expand your network. It is important to create a good balance between your social life and your studies.

Top Universities to Study Computer Science in Australia

Some of the best universities in Australia for Computer Science are:

  1. University of Technology Sydney
  2. University of Adelaide
  3. University of Sydney
  4. University of New South Wales
  5. Australian National University
  6. University of Melbourne
  7. University of Queensland Australia
  8. RMIT University
  9. Monash University
  10. Deakin University


When it comes to the selection of candidates, the admission officers in Australian universities expect each applicant to meet at least their minimum requirements. One of the primary things that admission officers will look into when they receive your application is your prior academic performance. Due to the nature of this field, you will be expected to have good knowledge in mathematics or statistics subjects. Furthermore, you must submit certified copies of your transcripts, where your GPA will play an important role in your admission.

If you are applying for an undergraduate degree you will need to have the Australian high school qualification equivalent. Whereas, if you are applying for a postgraduate degree you must be in possession of an undergraduate degree in the field of computer science or at least in a related subject. In addition to your academic qualifications, you should also meet high-level English language requirements. Some universities may require that you have work experience, pass an entrance exam or an interview, submit a portfolio, etc.

Application Process

Once you begin with the application process the first thing you need to do is check if you meet the entry requirements of the university to which you are applying. Considering that being fluent in English is a requirement you should also check if you meet the English language requirements of the university. Once you are done with the first two steps you should gather your supporting documents, complete the online application form and apply.

After having sent the application and hopefully received the admission letter, you must prepare for the move to Australia. You should do this by first accepting your offer. After that, you should apply for a student visa (unless you are a student from New Zealand). Considering that you will be moving abroad you need a place to live so you should start looking for accommodation immediately after receiving the admission letter.

Degree Duration: How Long Does It Take to Study Computer Science in Australia?

The duration of a computer science degree in Australia is determined by the level of study you are going to pursue. Undergraduate degrees in the field of computer science take at least three years of full-time study to complete while studying part-time takes at least six years. Bachelor’s degrees in this field provide initial preparation for a career in the field of computer science but, of course, you can choose to earn a higher degree and get more preparation.

If you wish to develop further knowledge you can pursue a postgraduate degree and specialize in a field that interests you most. In Australia, a Master’s degree in computer science usually takes one to two years of full-time study to complete, while studying part-time will take longer. If you choose to pursue a Ph.D. in the field of computer science, you should be prepared to dedicate at least three years of full-time study to your degree.

Tuition Fees: How Much Does It Cost to Study Computer Science in Australia?

Unless you are planning to continue higher education through a scholarship, you will be obliged to pay tuition fees. Which, in the field of computer science, are not as cheap. In Australia studying computer science at an undergraduate level may cost you from AU$16,000 (US$11,770) to AU$48,000 (US$ 35,310) per year. The cost of tuition does differ from one university to the other, and different universities decide what is included in these fees (i.e. books, registration, examination fees, etc).

In Australia, masters in the field of Computer Science range from AU$37,000 (US$27,218) to AU$91,000 (US$66,942) per year. Whereas, pursuing a Ph.D. will cost you from AU$18,000 (US$13,248) to AU$42,000 (US$30,912) per year. During the beginning of your studies, you will learn more about the fundamentals of computer science, and then afterward you will have the option of pursuing a more specialized field such as artificial intelligence, data science, cybersecurity, programming languages, or others.

Computer Science Jobs in Australia

An advantage of studying the field of computer science in Australia is that no matter how technology transforms the job market, the expertise you gain at Australian universities will always remain crucial. Some of the available job opportunities for graduates of the computer science field include jobs as a Software Engineer, IT Support, Business Analyst, Data Analyst, Network Engineer, Project Manager, Software Tester, Web Designer, etc. You can also work in weather prediction, space exploration, disease treatment, international finance, etc.

Once you graduate from one of these universities you will be able to work in countless fields and not only in the field of computer science. The average salary of a computer scientist in Australia is around AU$102,271(US$ 75,228). In Australia, with a degree in computer science, you can earn a salary as low as AU$89,610 (US$65,915) per year. Whereas, the highest salary of a computer scientist is around AU$250,850 (US$184,554) per year - depending on the city you choose to work.

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