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Study in Australia

Study in Australia

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Studying in a globally recognized university in Australia is an important goal for many international students. With seven of its universities listed in the top 100 world universities, Australia offers international students excellent career development opportunities. Recognized for its research, quality of education, and professional opportunities, Australia is highly sought-after by enthusiastic and curious-minded individuals.

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There are 15 Nobel laureates among Australian graduates.

Australian universities rank among the top 100 worldwide universities all the time.

Did you know that 85% of Australia’s population lives within 50km of the coast?

Reasons to Study in Australia


Excellent Living Conditions

The living conditions in Australia are superb for international students, especially in cities like Melbourne or Sydney. Australia offers a high quality of life, reasonable living costs, and exceptional cultural diversity. This country ranks among the top study abroad destinations in the world, quite close to destinations like the US and UK.

Temporary Graduate Visa

Australia gives international students the possibility to stay in the country and work, even after they have finished their studies. Through the Temporary Graduate Visa, international students can temporarily live and work in Australia. An Australian degree and work experience from the Australian job market will be a significant advantage in the job market.

Top Worldwide Universities

Many Australian universities are ranked among the best global universities in major university ranking lists, while at least seven of them rank among the top 100 universities in the world in QS World University Rankings 2020. Their academic brilliance, state-of-the-art facilities, and equipment play a crucial role in graduate success.

Quality Research

Universities in Australia have an excellent reputation for research quality, excelling in numerous fields like art, education, and science. Research excellence is one of the top reasons to study in Australia for international students because it highlights Australian universities’ vital position in education and innovation.

Great Outdoors

The Australian outdoors is a wonder, packed with a wide variety of activity options. People usually choose to either go hiking through the wonderful trails, go snorkeling, and even kayaking. From the Great Barrier Reef, which is one of the most complex natural ecosystems, to the vibrant city life - everything seems like an adventure in Australia.

Global Connections

There are approximately 738,107 international students currently pursuing their degrees in Australia, according to the latest statistics. This means students get to enjoy a wonderful blend of cultures in and out of campus while also creating numerous connections and friendships worldwide. Personal growth is exceptional in such environments.

Australia Higher Education System


Requirements to study in Australia for international students mainly comprise English language requirements, university admission, student visa, and financial stability. These are the first steps international students should consider when they decide to study abroad in Australia.

Australian education institutions usually accept students who have an appropriate level of proficiency in the English language. This requirement is also part of the visa application process, where students are required to submit their IELTS scores. GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is required for most management courses at the graduate level.

Fees and Costs

Australia is recognized for its higher education excellence, complemented by reasonable tuition fees and living costs. Fees for international students at an undergraduate level roughly estimate to $15,000 (USD) and can go up to $32,500 (USD) per year. Postgraduate level programs have similar costs, which are typically higher for Masters.

The cost of living in Australia for international students, on a 12-month basis, can go up to $15,000 in USD, which translates to approximately $1,250 per month. Living costs can be higher or lower depending on the Australian city students live in, accommodation, lifestyle, and numerous other factors, including daily expenses.

How to Apply

International students are usually required to apply directly to the higher education institution in Australia they wish to attend. They should meet the eligibility requirements and submit their application and documentation either using post or electronically. Australian universities initially require international students to meet the English language entry requirements.

Students are usually asked to submit personal details, proof of English proficiency (IELTS), certificates and transcripts from previous academic qualifications, employment experience (when applicable), and course preferences. Students must note the important deadlines they are supposed to meet during the application process.

Accommodation in Australia

Accommodation for international students in Australia is available in a variety of types. Some of the most common accommodation forms for international students include near-campus or on-campus housing. Many universities offer on-campus accommodation for their international students, but there is also the option of residence halls, which are also near campus and affordable.

International students may also choose to rent an apartment and share the cost of rent and utilities with roommates. Rented apartments are more expensive than residence halls or on-campus housing; however, when the cost of rent is distributed among students, it becomes mostly budget-friendly.

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