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Study Computer Science in Spain

Study Computer Science in Spain

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Erudera's Complete Guide to Studying Computer Science in Spain

Reasons to Study Computer Science in Spain

Excellent Computer Science Programs

Spanish universities offer excellent undergraduate and postgraduate computer science programs. Higher education in Spain is highly renowned for the quality of education it provides. Spanish qualifications receive a lot of recognition when it comes to teaching, innovation, and research. In fact, the technology sector in Spain has seen exceptional advancements in recent decades, which means employment opportunities related to computer science are also rather in demand. Whatever your chosen computer science career path might be, Spanish universities have the necessary resources and programs to prepare you for a global job market.

Large International Student Community

Spain is among the most popular international student destinations, which means you will be part of a diverse student population if you decide to pursue your computer science degree here. According to recent estimates, the number of international students in Spain is currently 194,743 students, out of which 56,892 are part of mobility programs. Being among people from all over the world will broaden your horizons as well as teach you about different cultures and ways of life. There is so much to learn from other people, which is why creating global friendships is such an important aspect of studying abroad.

Wonderful Culture & Impressive Outdoors

While being surrounded by internationals and different cultures is impressive enough, the fact that Spain has a fascinating culture on its own is one of the reasons why studying computer science in Spain is a great idea. Spaniards lead a relaxed and hard-working lifestyle, which on its own can be a contradiction, but it works quite well for Spain. After spending the whole day at work, Spaniards love to make use of the impressive outdoor activities and wonderful climate Spain has to offer. The weekends are usually reserved for golden-sand beaches and tapas bars. Spanish culture will motivate you to work hard and enjoy life even harder, which is why getting a computer science degree in Spain will likely lead to a successful career.


Studying computer science in Spain comes with its set of requirements. For starters, you will need to meet the university entry requirements, including submitting high school/previous education academic transcripts. For master’s programs, students must have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field. Subsequently, universities will also ask that you prove your language skills, depending on the program’s language of instruction. For programs taught in English, you must provide IELTS or TOEFL test scores. For programs taught in Spanish, non-native Spanish speakers typically submit DELE (The Diplomas de Español como Lengua Extranjera) scores, or other, depending on the university.

Non-EU/EEA residents will also have to apply for a student visa before entering Spain.

Application Process

EU and China applicants should submit their university applications through SNUDE (Spanish National University for Distance Education). If your application is successful, you will receive a “Credencial de Acceso,” which you should submit to the university of your choice. For applicants who do not come from the EU/EEA nor China, the application process begins at the Spanish embassy/consulate in their country of residence. As a student belonging to this category, you should get your high school certificate recognized (homologación) by the Spanish embassy. In addition, the Spanish embassy will give you a “Volante de Acreditación” document, which you must submit along with other application documents to the university of your choice.

Degree Duration: How Long Does It Take to Study Computer Science in Spain?

Bachelor’s degrees in computer science in Spain usually take a minimum of three years to complete. Students learn anything from calculus, physics, programming, software engineering, operating systems, software development, etc., during their undergraduate studies in computer science. If the student wants to advance their knowledge further, they may enroll in a master’s program, which can take anywhere from one to two years to complete. On the other hand, a doctoral degree can take three to five years of full-time commitment to complete.

Tuition Fees: How Much Does It Cost to Study Computer Science in Spain?

Spanish universities calculate tuition fees according to the program’s number of ECTS credits. An academic year has 60 ECTS credits, while the cost per credit at Spanish public universities can range anywhere from €12-30 for the first enrollment. This means you will be required to pay somewhere around €720 to €1,800 in tuition fees for bachelor’s programs. Master’s programs in computer science in Spain can cost around €16-45 per credit, which means up to €2,700 per year. Tuition fees for computer science programs at private universities range between €5,000-18,000 per year.

As an international student living in Spain, you will also have to consider the associated living costs. According to recent estimates, you will need €800 to €900 per month to live comfortably in Spain. Exact living costs will depend on the city you live in as well as your lifestyle.

Computer Science Career Prospects in Spain

Spain offers plenty of career opportunities for computer science graduates. People usually undertake job titles such as data scientists, web developers, software engineers, software developers, business analysts, database administrators, full-stack developers, or even roles in academia, such as computer science researchers or professors. The degree opens the door to countless career paths and prospects, especially considering the technological advancements in recent years.

Salary prospects for computer science graduates highly depend on the job title and work experience. For example, a software engineer in Spain earns around €33,000 per year; a software developer earns around €27,300 per year, while a data scientist earns approximately €35,600 annually. The exact salary will also depend on the city you practice your career in. E.g., you can expect salaries to be higher in metropolitan areas such as Madrid or Barcelona. However, the company size also plays a crucial role in salary prospects.

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