Study in Spain

Study in Spain

State of Siesta, Sun, and Sand

If you are looking for quality, affordability, and a great study abroad experience packed with exploration opportunities back and forth, Spain is the perfect choice for you. This country with a wonderful climate offers international students an excellent education, globally recognized degrees, laid-back culture and lifestyle, and a place to grow and excel.

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Erudera’s Complete Guide to Studying in Spain as an International Student


The oldest university in Spain is the University of Salamanca, founded in 1134.

Spanish is the second most widely spoken language globally by native speakers.

Don Quixote, written by Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes, is considered to be the world’s first ‘modern’ novel.

Reasons to Study in Spain



In comparison to other European countries, Spain is much more budget-friendly. You will be able to receive a quality education at a reasonable price. The cost of living is also affordable, especially considering the excellent living conditions. You will have the opportunity to find cheaper/more expensive areas depending on your budget and lifestyle.

Perfecting the Language

Spanish is a beautiful language, and even if you are attending an English-speaking university, you will have plenty of opportunities to practice your Spanish. It is always fun to learn a new language, especially when the language is the second most spoken in the world. Being surrounded by Spaniards, you will find yourself speaking Spanish in no time.

Enjoying the Culture

The Spanish culture reflects just how unique this country is, and it showcases its artistic heritage and history. Famous for Flamenco music and dance, beautiful beaches, art, and bullfights, this country is also recognized for its hospitality and kindness. Being around Spaniards is definitely a fulfilling experience.

Exploration Opportunities

There is so much to see and do in Spain, starting from the beautiful beaches to historical monuments and enchanting architecture. The cathedrals, fortresses, and simple houses in Spain are a sight for sore eyes. The countryside is lovely, and the cities are vibrant, and there is always the beach, a perfect balance between the two.

Quality Education

One of the most important aspects to consider when choosing a study abroad destination is the quality of the country’s education. Spain offers world-class education and has attracted almost 200,000 international students in 2019. Students from all over the world, including Italy, France, Columbia, and China, are attracted to Spain’s higher education.

Lovely Climate

Spain has a wonderful year-round climate, including lots of sunshine. You will be able to find all four seasons in Spain, and fantastic weather in each of them. Although the temperatures vary in different regions of the country, you will be able to enjoy mild weather and have plenty of opportunities to explore the great outdoors (including beaches).

Higher Education System in Spain


Meeting the admission requirements, obtaining a student visa, meeting the financial requirements, and finding accommodation are some of the most important requirements to study in Spain for international students. Many English-speaking universities will ask for proof of English proficiency as well.

Admitted applicants should apply for a student visa to enter and reside in Spain during their studies. Subsequently, health insurance and financial stability are part of the visa application requirements. It is crucial to begin early, so there is enough time to meet deadlines adequately.

Study in Spain Requirements

Fees and Costs

Spain offers some of the lowest tuition fees and costs in Europe, meaning students enjoy quality education and great living conditions at an affordable cost. Tuition fees at universities in Spain are charged through a Pay-per-Credit format. International students pay approximately up to 2,000 EUR/year at public universities.

Costs of living in Spain for international students are quite reasonable, averaging somewhere between 900-1000 EUR/month. This amount, however, can be lower depending on the location. For example, larger cities will be much more expensive than smaller towns. The cost also depends on accommodation type and lifestyle.

Studying in Spain Cost

How to Apply

The application process to study in Spain depends on the country you have finished high school. To apply for a bachelor’s degree program in Spain, for example, you will have to obtain a ‘credential’ that validates your eligibility to pursue university studies in Spain, which is only applicable when applying for a first-cycle program.

Non-EU students can get their eligibility validation through the Spanish embassy and consulate in their home country. Students applying from EU member countries or China should submit their application through SNUDE (Spanish National University for Distance Education). Usually, students should submit their documents in the Spanish language.

How to Apply to Study in Spain

Accommodation in Spain

Student accommodation in Spain is usually provided by universities, at student halls of residence. This is also one of the most convenient accommodation forms in terms of cost, socialization, and campus proximity. There are also other accommodation forms in Spain to suit all student needs and circumstances.

International students in Spain tend to either go for on-campus housing, living with host families or sharing an apartment with roommates. Living with roommates means students get to share the cost of rent and utilities while living in a sociable environment. This is a perfect option for those who cannot secure university accommodation.

Accommodation in Spain

Popular Universities in Spain

65,789 Students


58,159 Students


30,000 Students


80,000 Students


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