Software Engineering

Study Software Engineering in Spain

Study Software Engineering in Spain

Software engineering is a branch of computer science. A software engineer deals with designing, implementing, developing, and maintaining computer systems like software and hardware. If you want to study and gain industry experience, get educated to the highest industry standards, and build a successful and lucrative career, Spain is the right choice.

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As a software engineer in Spain, you can choose to stay in the country and practice your profession or work in another country. If you want to remain in the country after graduation, you will be given one year to find a job. As Spanish universities award internationally recognized degrees, if you choose to work in a country other than Spain, your degree will put you at an advantage when applying for a new job.

Why Study Software Engineering in Spain?

Plenty of reasons bring students interested in studying software engineering in Spain — starting from the outstanding quality of education in the country to the professionals who teach in Spanish universities.

Additionally, in Spain, students pursuing a software engineering degree find:

Enhanced Student Learning Experience

To become a professional software engineer, you will need to build practical skills and understand what you will face in your workplace after graduation. To make sure that you meet the challenges of the software industry as best as possible, Spanish universities allow you to complete internships, participate in different practical works, and task you with various personal projects.

In addition to building up hands-on experience, you will also gain a range of valuable skills. Verbal communication, logical thinking, teamwork, software testing and debugging, software development, computer programming, and coding are skills you will develop by studying software engineering in Spain. These skills are all skills you will find necessary once you are out on the job market.

Detailed Curriculum

A college education is one of the most popular routes to becoming a software engineer. Spain offers excellent undergraduate and postgraduate programs. In Spain, undergraduate degrees in software engineering take four years of full-time study to complete, and postgraduate degrees usually take two years.

In Spain, software engineering programs include courses like mathematical analysis, computer fundamentals, algorithmics and complexity, computer architecture, artificial intelligence, databases, software quality, legal and professional aspects, operating systems, software evolution and maintenance, programming language translators, etc.

Satisfying Salary

Organizations of all sizes seek talented software engineers in Spain. An entry-level position as a software engineer secures you a monthly salary of around €1,330. On the other hand, you can earn up to €4,000 per month working as a senior software engineer. On average, a software engineer in Spain earns around €2,600 per month.

In Spain, upon earning your degree in software engineering, you can work as:

  • Game Developer
  • Applications Developer
  • Web Developer
  • IT Consultant
  • Cyber Security Analyst
  • Information Systems Manager
  • Web Designer

Alternatively, a software engineering degree allows you to work as a technical recruiter, sales engineer, developer marketing, developer advocacy, relations, etc.

Best Software Engineering Master's Degrees in Spain

Polytechnic University of Madrid_logo

Software Engineering

Polytechnic University of Madrid

Master degree



Sevilla University logo

Software Engineering

Sevilla University

Master degree



Pontifical University of Salamanca_logo

Software Engineering

Pontifical University of Salamanca

Master degree


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