Denmark Allows International Students to Work Full-Time During Summer

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International students pursuing studies at universities in Denmark are allowed to work full-time during the summer months as of Monday, July 1, 2024, the Danish Immigration Service has announced.

Under the new rules, individuals on student visas in Denmark will be eligible to work full-time during June, July, and August and will not be limited to working only 90 hours per month during this period. The cap for part-time work in the country for the remainder of the year is 90 hours per month, reports.

“Among other things, this change means that all students who will be granted, or who already have been granted, a part-time work permit, now have the right to work 90 hours per month and work full-time in June, July and August, starting from July 1 2024,” Danish Immigration Service said.

Rules are different for students pursuing PhD degrees as their study is mostly considered as employment or non-formal education.

International students seeking to study at universities in Denmark must obtain a student visa, which allows them to study and work in the country VisaGuide.World reports.

Except for students from the EU, EEA, or Switzerland, everyone else should apply for a visa to study in Denmark six months before the program starts.

Conditions for a Danish student visa, according to the same source, are:

  • Admission to a higher education institution.
  • Proficiency in English or Danish language.
  • Ability to financially support themselves while studying in Denmark and have at least DKK 6,397 per month.
  • The institution and program must be approved.

With the change to the student visa regulation, students who meet the abovementioned requirements automatically become eligible to work part-time and now full-time during the summer. Exceeding this number of hours is unlawful and could result in revocation of the study permit.

According to a previous statement by the Ministry of Higher Education and Science, a total of 61,382 students were admitted to Danish higher education institutions in 2023. The country also saw an increase in international students last year.

“…At the same time, it is essential that our education system maintains a balanced enrolment, taking into account the dynamics and needs of the labour market, both now and in the future,” Minister for Higher Education and Science, Christina Egelund said in her statement on July 27, 2023.

In 2021, Denmark authorities decided to reduce the number of international students enrolled in English-taught programs. However, pressure from employers, including the Danish Chamber of Commerce, led to an agreement in early 2023.

Under this agreement, 1,100 new places for international students in English-language programs will be open each year until 2028 and an additional 2,500 from 2029 onward.

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