Economics, Law & ICT Were Most Popular Study Programs for Norwegian Students This Year

Norway Europe Higher Education News by Erudera News May 02, 2023

The University of Oslo, Norway

Civil economics, jurisprudence and ICT program, have been the top study programs picked by Norwegian student applicants this year, with the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH), the universities of Bergen and Oslo being the most sought-after institutions.

According to a press release by the Norwegian Education Ministry, the number of applicants interested in enrolling on these study programs well surpassed the number of planned study places, with the civil economics program being the top pick for 2,170 applicants – almost five times more than the 500 study places offered, reports.

Jurisprudence programs at the University of Oslo and the University of Bergen follow the list of the institutions with the most applicants – 2,159 and 1,926, respectively, while the number of study places designated for new applicants at these universities was 224 and 380, in the correct order.

Furthermore, for the second consecutive year, the organisation and management program at Rena, Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, which is a part-time and online study program, has made it to the top five most popular programs, as it recorded 1,391 applicants from 220 planned study places.

This study alternative is practised most often among older students. Over the past ten years, the interest of applicants in a part-time education alternative has increased by 100 percent.

“Going forward, a shortage of skills will become one of the most important bottlenecks to solving the major challenges we as a society face. Investing in education and knowledge is crucial to ensure competitiveness and welfare in the Norway of the future,” Ola Borten Moe, the Research and Higher Education Minister, pointed out.

As per the remaining courses, the online study of management at Alta was the top choice for 1,249 applicants, competing for 800 available study places, while another 1,245 applicants for the industrial economy and Technology Management at Trondheim were hoping to get into one of the 144 study places designated at this institution.

The four remaining study courses, concluding the top ten list of most sought-after programs, include the following:

● Police Training at Norwegian Police University College (PH)S with 1,187 applicants and 176 available study places

● Architecture at Oslo School of Architecture and Design, with 1,133 applicants competing for 60 study places

● 991 applicants are racing for 205 available seats for new scholars at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim

● The part-time online study program at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences NMBU, with 973 applicants for 200 designated study places

Consequently, courses that have the most first-choice applicants per study place are those that applied for the Architecture program (AHO), with 18.9 first-choice applicants per place, a total of 1,133 applicants and 60 planned study places, followed by aviation studies with 17.3 first choice per place and criminology (17.2).

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