Norwegian Universities & Colleges to Enroll 300 More Nursing Students

Norway Europe Higher Education News by Erudera News Feb 11, 2022


Some 11 universities and colleges in Norway will enroll 300 more nursing students following the great need for more nurses in the country, the government has decided.

A total of NOK 14.3 million will be allocated this year to fund these 300 new study places in nursing, most of which will be offered to the University of Agder and Molde University College, reports.

According to a press release issued by the government, from autumn 2022, the capacity will increase to 500 study places in the field as there is a need for more nurses in Norway, particularly in the districts.

The government pointed out that the remaining 200 places for basic education in nursing are expected to be ready in the fall of 2022. The latter will be funded by the education institutions themselves.

“Having enough professionals in the health and care services where people live is an important goal for the government. The pandemic has made it even clearer that we need more nurses and specialist nurses,” the press release reads.

Minister of Research and Higher Education Ola Borten Moe said that the capacity would increase at universities and colleges across the Agder district in the south and Nordland in the north. The government will allocate funds based on the right of higher education institutions to increase educational capacity.

According to the statement, institutions should prioritize education in specialist nursing because there are many candidates who apply for this field but do not choose Norway due to a lack of study places.

Borten Moe said that universities should also prioritize education for midwives, pediatric nurses, nurse anesthetists, those in intensive care, surgery, and more.

“The feedback shows that more institutions are following up on the government’s goal of more educational offerings in the districts. Several of the study places are therefore allocated to institutions that will use them for further development of good offers that are allocated throughout the country,” the government notes.

Most recently, the Norwegian Parliament (Storting) approved the proposal of the government to allocate NOK 170 million for the student organizations, universities, and colleges across the country as a pandemic relief in order to support students academically and socially during 2022.

The government noted that the effect of the pandemic will continue to be felt despite the reopening of educational institutions. Therefore, minister Borten Moe advised associations, universities, colleges, and vocational colleges to cooperate with students on how the amount can be used locally.

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