Study Counseling in Spain

Study Counseling in Spain

Counseling is a type of therapy that helps individuals overcome problems like stress, depression, and anxiety in a safe and peaceful space. In Spain, students from all over the world find excellent counseling programs. If you choose to study counseling in Spain, you will also receive training in the field at convenient tuition fees and benefit from the excellent quality of education offered.

In Spain, you will have the opportunity to pursue a counseling degree in one of the most prominent universities in the country and worldwide. You will study alongside peers of different backgrounds and nationalities and be taught by professionals who excel in counseling. By the time you graduate, you will have developed skills that will push your career as a counselor forward.

Why Study Counseling in Spain?

Spain offers everything from the outstanding quality of education to the great cities, culture, food, and landscape. As an international student, you will also be surrounded by many students from around the world.

Additionally, by studying counseling in Spain, you will also:

Gain In-Depth Knowledge

Courses related to counseling in Spain are specifically designed to meet the needs of the people who need help in their various life problems. By studying counseling in Spain, you will gain an in-depth understanding and knowledge of family counseling, special education issues, addictive behavior counseling, crisis, grief and loss, appraisal of the individual, and more.

Counselors' skills include communication skills, patience, compassion, emotional stability, open-mindedness, knowledge of law and regulations, understanding of ethics, and not only. In Spain, you will not only learn what skills are essential in your career, but you will also be taught where the importance of having these qualities lies.

Receive Practical Training

Counseling includes working with different types of people, and sometimes the way people react to therapy varies from one individual to another. Spanish universities that offer courses in counseling are aware of the different outcomes a counseling session can have, so students receive the best preparation to tackle the field's challenges successfully.

To ensure you meet the needs of the people you are going to work with, Spanish universities allow you to complete internships in different settings to gain real-world experience in your field. Counselors have an international career, and Spain awards internationally recognized qualifications. Therefore, you can work anywhere globally, not only in Spain.

Start a Rewarding Career

A counseling job helps you make a difference in someone else’s life. As a counselor, you help your clients in various ways, depending on your chosen specialty. Counselors work in rehabilitation centers, schools, hospitals, etc. In Spain, graduates of the counseling field can work in the following positions and not only:

  • Mental Health Counselor
  • School Counselor
  • Social Worker
  • Career Counselor
  • Probation Officer
  • Family Therapist
  • Community Service Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Human Resource Manager

In Spain, graduates of the counseling program earn an average salary of €2,990 per month. A counselor with little to no work experience can earn around €1,210 per month, while one with more years of work experience and good performance in the field can earn an average salary of €4,320 per month.