Criminal Law

Study Criminal Law in Spain

Study Criminal Law in Spain

Criminal law is the field that covers criminal offenses and the arrest, trials, charging, and penalties of suspected individuals. In Spain, you can study criminal law and pay some of the lowest tuition fees in Europe and still receive an education that is hard to beat. Additionally, you can also study the field in Spanish and English.

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An advantage of studying criminal law in Spain includes the hands-on learning each student receives. You can gain a greater insight into criminal law through the internships you complete during your studies. Opportunities to gain a better understanding include attending court hearings or assisting prosecutors.

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Why Study Criminal Law in Spain?

As demonstrated throughout the history of Spain’s higher education system, you will learn from a fully dedicated academic team by choosing to study criminal law in Spain. You will also have large scholarly expertise at your disposal.

Additionally, by studying criminal law in Spain, you will also benefit from:

Outstanding Universities

The higher education system in Spain has received international praise for its world-class universities, competitiveness-fostering environment, innovation, creativity, and not only. It is a known fact that the excellent universities of Spain offer outstanding programs as well, which bring international students of all nationalities to study in the country.

Whatsmore, criminal law programs in Spain have received a worldwide reputation for their high number of applicants. In terms of criminal law programs, the graduate's level of preparation has given Spanish universities an even better reputation. The qualifications, skills, and training offered by the Spanish universities allow students to find their career path after graduating in criminal law quickly.

Job Opportunities

Graduates of the criminal law field around the world have excellent job prospects. In Spain, these graduates receive preparation recognized nationally and globally by institutions, organizations, and companies — giving them plenty of job opportunities. The skill set you develop makes you a valuable asset to several job settings.

In Spain, with a degree in criminal law, you can work as:

  • Private investigator
  • Probation officer
  • Crime scene investigator
  • Homicide detective
  • Crime prevention specialist
  • Correctional officer
  • Police officer
  • Drug enforcement administration agent

Fulfilling Career

Pursuing a career in criminal law gives you plenty of job opportunities indeed. But, it also gives you a fulfilling career, as the main focus of the field is to keep the public safe and discourage wrongful conduct. By practicing criminal law, apart from giving back to your community, you will also have plenty of opportunities to grow personally and professionally.

On top of that, you can also make good money working in criminal law. In Spain, graduates of the criminal law field earn an average of €52,900 per year, which is the average salary of someone with one to three years of work experience. A criminal law professional with more than eight years of work experience can earn up to €96,800 per year.

Best Criminal Law Master's Degrees in Spain

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