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Study Mathematics in Canada

Study Mathematics in Canada

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Erudera's Complete Guide to Studying Mathematics in Canada

Reasons to Study Mathematics in Canada

Renowned Mathematics Departments

Canadian institutions are among the best when it comes to the quality of education they provide. Universities like the University of Toronto, the University of British Columbia, or the University of Waterloo, to name just a few, are highly valued for their research and teaching. Canadian universities want to produce mathematics graduates who have the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge to overcome any obstacle during their careers. These universities achieve their results by employing qualified academic staff and integrating activities and internships that advance the students’ hands-on skills.

Various Career Prospects

As a mathematics graduate in Canada, you have various career opportunities because a mathematics degree gives you skills that are invaluable in today’s job market. For example, you will learn how to be a critical thinker, problem-solver, and efficient communicator. Besides, you will gain other professional skills, which you may use to find employment across several industries. For example, some of the industries that hire mathematicians in Canada include scientific research and development; universities and other educational institutions; architectural and engineering services; and management and technical consulting services, to name a few. Conveniently, all the industries above are rewarding, salary-wise.

Unmatched Study Experience

The study experience in Canada is unmatched, and even this is an understatement. Canada has so much to offer to its residents, visitors, and students. From scenic mountain tops and breathtaking lakes to Niagara Falls—Canada is a natural wonder. However, this does not mean its urban areas, where the universities are based, are not just as astonishing! You will be met with an ideal student experience as you experience Canadian museums, art galleries, coffee shops, and a vibrant urban lifestyle. If you like getting out of your comfort zone, you will have wonderful experiences and make plenty of friends, some from across the globe, too (Canada has over half a million international students).

Top Universities to Study Mathematics in Canada

Here are some of the best universities to study mathematics in Canada:

  1. University of Toronto
  2. University of British Columbia
  3. University of Waterloo
  4. McGill University
  5. University of Montreal
  6. McMaster University
  7. University of Alberta
  8. Simon Fraser University
  9. Western University
  10. University of Calgary


To be eligible for admission to mathematics programs in Canada, you must have graduated from high school and possess the qualifications that would make you eligible for university admission in your home country (as an international student). If you want to study mathematics at the graduate level, you must have a bachelor’s degree in mathematics or another related field. You are expected to show great academic achievement during your previous studies. Minimum GPA requirements, however, depending on the university you plan to attend.

If English is not your first language, you must also show proof of English language proficiency (TOEFL, IELTS, or other) if the program you’re applying for is taught in English. On the other hand, if the mathematics program you plan to attend is taught in French, you must show some proof of French proficiency (generally, it could be tests like TEF, DALF, or DELF). However, this is a university-specific prerequisite. As an international student, you must also apply for a study permit upon university admission.

Application Process

The application process to study mathematics in Canada has three main steps:

  1. Choose the program and university. The process of choosing a university that is right for you must begin well before the application deadline. Make sure you give yourself enough time to find a university/program that meets your requirements and where the chances of admission are higher.
  2. Check (and meet) the university eligibility requirements. Each university lists its set of requirements on its website. If not, you must contact the university admissions office and ask them to send you the whole list of documents to submit.
  3. Pay the application fee and apply. Most universities* have their online application portals that allow you to fill out an application form, pay an application fee, and submit your documents.

*Universities in the province of Ontario have an online university application portal (ouac.on.ca) which you can use to apply to universities in this province only.

Degree Duration: How Long Does It Take to Study Mathematics in Canada?

The duration of mathematics university programs in Canada depends on the level of study, university, and the students’ dedication to the program.

The length of mathematics programs in Canada according to the level of study is as follows:

  • Bachelor’s Degree: Three to four years of full-time study.
  • Master’s Degree: One to two years of full-time study.
  • Doctoral Degree: Four to six years.

Tuition Fees: How Much Does It Cost to Study Mathematics in Canada?

As an international student at one of the many world-class Canadian universities, you will pay thousands in tuition fees. For example, the average tuition for undergraduate mathematics programs in Canada is CAD 37,000 (~USD 29,230) per year and CAD 19,000 (~USD 15,000) per year for graduate mathematics programs. Remember that these tuition fees only present the average cost, which means you will be able to find cheaper or more expensive options during your university research.

Domestic students pay considerably lower tuition fees compared to international students in Canada. Specifically, the average cost of tuition for mathematics degrees for domestic students is CAD 6,900 (~USD 5,450) at the undergraduate level and approximately CAD 8,600 (~USD 6,790) at the graduate level. Likewise, you may also find more affordable options since tuition fees differ from one institution to another.

Mathematics Career Prospects in Canada

A mathematics degree from a Canadian university opens the door to a wide array of professional paths. You may also use your mathematics degree to further your education to graduate studies in computer science, engineering, or even physics. Possible job titles you can undertake with a degree in mathematics include data scientist, statistician, mathematician, or actuary, among others.

A background in mathematics is also useful in areas like:

  • Software engineering.
  • Civil engineering.
  • Mechanical engineering.
  • Aerospace engineering.
  • Computer systems.
  • Physics.
  • Economy.
  • Finance.
  • Other.

Salary-wise, careers related to mathematics are rewarding. For example, the average salary for a data scientist in Canada is CAD 79,000 (~USD 62,610) per year, while a statistician earns around CAD 68,000 (~USD 53,890) per year in Canada. Factors that affect the salary include your job title, professional experience, and the employer/company.

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