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Study Mathematics in the United Kingdom

Study Mathematics in the United Kingdom

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Erudera's Complete Guide to Studying Mathematics in The UK

Reasons to Study Mathematics in the UK

Excellent Academic Staff

Studying mathematics in the United Kingdom means that you will learn the subject from some of the best mathematicians in the world. These professionals have a great passion for their subject and will make sure to offer courses that are at the forefront of current practice and knowledge. Most importantly, their balanced teaching, research, and work with external organizations will contribute to an outstanding student experience.

Flexibility in Module Choices

One thing that is greatly appreciated by students who study mathematics in the United Kingdom is the fact that they are able to choose between a variety of different courses. The number of these options presented to students of UK universities keeps increasing each year and this will allow you to see where your strengths lie, help you extend your knowledge, as most importantly it will have an impact on the development of your interests before you choose a field to specialize in. In the United Kingdom you can choose from:

  • Maths Module
  • Statistics Modules
  • Economic Modules
  • Computer Science Modules
  • Physics Modules
  • Philosophy Modules
  • Engineering Modules

Successful Career

Obtaining a degree from a place whose qualifications are recognized in countries all around the world will most likely have an impact on the future of your career. There are many factors that make the United Kingdom a place that guarantees success after graduation. From the quality of education, the staff of your university to the choices you will have in choosing modules, your experience as a mathematics student will be nothing short of life-changing. Although it may take a strong will and determination to get through your mathematics degree you will receive the best help and guidance in the United Kingdom.


There are many universities that offer courses in mathematics in the United Kingdom. Normally not all of them will have the exact same requirements for international students that wish to study in their university. All specific requirements can be found on the website of your chosen university. However, if you have not chosen one up until now, some general requirements that you must meet and that apply to almost all universities are:

For undergraduate studies:

  • High School Diploma or Certificate
  • English language proficiency
  • 4 Tier Visa

For postgraduate studies:

  • Undergraduate degree
  • English language proficiency
  • Work experience

Application Process

In the United Kingdom, all students be it home or international, apply via the same route. For undergraduate studies, students usually apply through UCAS. Through UCAS you can select and apply to universities, after which universities decide if they wish to offer you a place or not. An advantage of applying through UCAS is that you will complete the procedure by submitting all the required documents online. You can choose up to five universities when applying through UCAS. For postgraduate studies, you can also apply by using the portal of UCAS Postgraduate.

However, you should know that UCAS is not the only way for you to apply for undergraduate or postgraduate studies in the United Kingdom. There are also universities that accept applications sent through the university’s application portal. Usually, universities have this type of information written on their website. So, once you choose your desired university make sure you check their website to find the relevant information about the application procedure. Note that if you are unsure about anything, UK universities encourage their students to contact them directly for any questions or uncertainties that you may have.

Degree Duration: How Long Does It Take to Study Mathematics in the United Kingdom?

The length of your studies will vary depending on the level of your studies. If you plan to apply for an undergraduate degree, you will complete your degree in three or four years. If you apply for a Master’s degree in mathematics, it will take one to two years of full-time study to complete. Whereas, a Ph.D. can take up to five years of full-time study to complete.

During the first year of your studies, you will learn about calculus, statistics, algebra, probability, computational mathematics, geometry, vectors, mechanics, etc. After that, you will learn about more specialized modules. This usually happens later in your degree and you will learn about subjects such as history of maths, mathematical finance, mathematical physics, mathematical biology, quantum theory, etc.

Tuition Fees: How Much Does It Cost to Study Mathematics in the United Kingdom?

The cost of your tuition fees will vary depending on the country of your origin. In the United Kingdom tuition fees are higher for international students. Tuition fees also differ among different levels of education. If you are studying for a Bachelor’s degree in mathematics the yearly cost of your education will start at $26,871(£19,000). Tuition fees for a Master's degree will start at 24,039 (£17,000), whereas for a Ph.D. it starts at $34,645 (£24,500) per year.

It is important to emphasize that these fees are presented as averages and due to a large number of universities in the United Kingdom tuition fees for a degree in mathematics will differ depending on the university to which you choose to apply. Another important fact that you should know is that if you decide to study part-time, you will most likely have to pay half of the full-time studies sum set by your university. Of course, to be more exact this information can be found on the website of your chosen university.

Mathematics Career Prospects in the United Kingdom

Some of the brightest minds in the field of mathematics have completed their studies in UK universities. Due to the great quality of education offered by these universities, obtaining a degree in mathematics in the United Kingdom will definitely open various career opportunities, not only in your home country if you decide to go back, but also anywhere in the world. Whatsmore is that mathematics graduates are some of the highest-paid in the world, and in the United Kingdom there is a high demand for graduates of this field. So, once you graduate you can choose where you want to pursue your career.

Students that have studied mathematics in the United Kingdom have had success in finding relevant, high-paying jobs in various fields including:

  • Teaching
  • Business
  • Management
  • Accountancy
  • Research and Development
  • IT
  • Actuary

The salary of mathematics graduates depends on the field in which they decide to continue their career or specialization. The average salary for a mathematics graduate is around $29,639 (£21,000) per year. Those who are more experienced workers receive an average salary of $43,048 (£30,500) per year.

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