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Study Mathematics in Spain

Study Mathematics in Spain

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Erudera's Complete Guide to Studying Mathematics in Spain

Reasons to Study Mathematics in Spain

Career Prospects

Individuals with a mathematics background are highly valued in the job market in Spain. As a mathematics graduate, you will have numerous employment opportunities across several areas. Depending on your preferences and educational background, you can search for employment prospects in sectors like education, engineering, insurance companies, IT, business consultancy, finance, banking, accountancy firms, as well as operational research companies and the government. The options are numerous; you simply need to focus on using the training and experience that Spanish universities offer to their students.

Diverse Student Environment

The student environment can sometimes make or break the whole student experience. The great thing about Spain is that it attracts students from all over the world, which means you will have the chance to create global friendships and learn about other cultures, traditions, and perspectives. Besides the chance to create valuable global friendships, you will also have plenty of opportunities to network and maybe meet your future employer. At the end of the day, you will graduate with an exceptional degree, plenty of new friends, and numerous connections.

World-Class Universities

Spanish universities are popular for their comprehensive and student-focused mathematics programs. Moreover, their programs also integrate work placements and internship opportunities throughout the study program. The programs are designed to give students the confidence and experience they need to enter the job market upon graduation and excel at their chosen profession. In addition, higher education institutions in Spain provide all the resources and equipment necessary to give students an outstanding education.

Top Universities to Study Mathematics in Spain

Some of the best universities to study mathematics in Spain are:

  1. Autonomous University of Madrid
  2. Polytechnic University of Catalonia - BarcelonaTech
  3. University of Barcelona
  4. Autonomous University of Barcelona
  5. Complutense University of Madrid
  6. Carlos III University of Madrid (UC3M)
  7. University of Seville
  8. Polytechnic University of Madrid
  9. University of Santiago de Compostela
  10. University of Granada


Spanish universities usually list an ideal student profile for specific study programs, including mathematics. Generally speaking, mathematics applicants must have an interest in fields like mathematics and even physics, have an aptitude for mathematical calculations and reasoning, be curious about scientific fields, and be able to use logic. In addition, universities usually look for someone who has completed any science modality or equivalent during their high school studies. Additionally, the university admissions team will also ask that you provide proof of language proficiency, depending on the program’s language.

Application Process

Applying to study mathematics in Spain is a strict but straightforward process. Mostly because international students from countries outside of the EU must first apply for the homologation of their pre-university high school studies to the Spanish baccalaureate; this is the first and most crucial step of the application process. In contrast, international students from countries within the EU are eligible to apply to their chosen universities for as long as they meet the university entrance requirements in their home country.

Students usually apply online by filling out the application form of the respective university. In addition, universities will ask you to submit documents like personal identification, academic transcripts, as well as your letters of recommendation and CV. Of course, specific documents can change from one university to another. In a nutshell, however, you will submit the documents mentioned above along with your language proficiency certificate, depending on the instruction language of your mathematics program.

Degree Duration: How Long Does It Take to Study Mathematics in Spain?

A bachelor’s degree in mathematics at Spanish universities takes four years to complete (a total of 240 credits). Mathematics undergraduate degrees provide students with training across several branches of mathematics. Students also gain more experience by participating in integrated work placements throughout their degree. For students who wish to further their education, a master’s program in mathematics can take anywhere from one to two years to complete. On the other hand, a doctoral degree may take from three to five years to complete, or even more, depending on personal commitment.

Tuition Fees: How Much Does It Cost to Study Mathematics in Spain?

Spanish universities charge tuition fees depending on the program’s number of credits. Typically, an academic year, according to the Bologna system, has 60 ECTS credits.

The cost per credit according to the level of study is as follows:

  • Bachelor’s programs: €12-30 per credit.
  • Master’s programs: €16-45 per credit.

This means an academic year at a Spanish public university can cost between €720 to €1,800 for bachelor’s programs. In comparison, tuition fees for master’s programs in mathematics can range from €960 to €2,700 per year. Non-EU international students may have to pay higher tuition fees.

Prospective mathematics students in Spain must also take into consideration the living expenses. For example, estimations show that a student in Spain will need approximately €900 per month (including rent) to cover their living costs.

Mathematics Career Prospects in Spain

Graduates with a degree in mathematics have a wide array of career options in Spain and abroad. For example, the field of mathematics is essential for numerous businesses across several sectors.

Some of the areas where you can put your mathematical skills to use, include:

  • Financial and Insurance Institutions.
  • Statistics Businesses and Institutes.
  • Companies Focused on Research and Development.
  • IT Consultancy Companies.
  • Scientific and Technical Companies.

Individuals with significant mathematical skills are fundamental across many industrial, financial, and business sectors. Mathematics graduates who wish to further their expertise may undertake a master’s or doctoral degree program. A PhD program will allow you to take roles in basic or applied research. In addition, you may also work in educational institutions by creating a career at university.

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