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What Is an MBA Degree?

MBA in Supply Chain Management

MBA in Supply Chain Management

An MBA in Supply Chain Management means you will receive specialized education in the management of the supply chain.

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An MBA in Supply Chain Management means you will receive specialized education in the management of the supply chain. Supply Chain Management is concerned with the production flow of all goods and services. More specifically, it includes the process of transforming raw materials into finished products. This specialization will give you a richer understanding of what companies deal with in today’s networked economy.

The MBA in Supply Chain Management program mainly focuses on logistics, operations, sourcing, and planning. MBA in Supply Chain Management courses will cover inventory, transportation, warehousing, etc. So, you will learn how to administer every touchpoint of your company’s service or product, increase earnings, and not only.

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Why an MBA in Supply Chain Management?

An MBA in Supply Chain Management usually takes 1 to 2 years of full-time study. Experts in this field report that the benefits of earning such a degree are plenty — from the experience you get during your studies to the skills the Supply Chain Management program helps you develop.

Here are the top reasons to pursue an MBA in Chain Management:

A Field With a Significant Potential for Growth

Supply Chain is a great industry to work in for many reasons, especially for the growth potential it promises. Each company needs people who know business fundamentals, know their way around negotiating tables, and are relentless in finding information that helps build strong working strategies. An MBA in Supply Chain Management helps you develop all these skills, which in turn help you find a job in the continuously growing industry.

Plenty of Career Opportunities

Pursuing an MBA in Chain Management will let all your hard work pay off in results. The field of Supply Chain Management is one that is constantly evolving, and the work opportunities for graduates of this field are numerous, enabling its graduates to find jobs like:

  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Purchasing Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Purchasing Agent
  • Logistics Analyst
  • Logistician, etc.

Competitive Salary

Apart from the variety of career options available for graduates of an MBA in Supply Chain Management, the salary offered to this group of graduates is quite competitive. Professionals with an MBA in Supply Chain Management earn an average of $86,800 annually. As for every other position, the salary potential for graduates of an MBA in Supply Chain Management differs depending on factors like work experience, job location, and business school from where you earned your degree.

Interesting Career

One of the great things about working in Supply Chain Management is that there is a small chance you will get bored while doing your job. Considering that Supply Chain has plenty of interesting areas to explore, your career can take you in various directions. Experts in the Supply Chain field claim that job diversity is unmatched. The diversity of the job brings new people, new processes, and new challenges every day— making each day different from the other.

The Curriculum of an MBA in Supply Chain Management

The curriculum of an MBA in Supply Chain Management might differ depending on the country where you pursue your degree. However, a typical curriculum of an MBA in Supply Chain Management at some of the best universities worldwide includes coursework in the following areas:

  • Principles and Practices of Management
  • Business Statistics and Quantitative Techniques
  • Managerial Economics
  • Financial Management
  • Business Communication
  • Distribution Management for Global Supply Chain
  • International Trade Procedures
  • International Logistics and Management
  • Containerization and Multimodal Transport

How Much Does it Cost to Do an MBA in Supply Chain Management?

The total tuition required to earn an MBA in Supply Chain Management varies widely, with most students paying from $12,000 — $90,000 per year. The cost of an MBA in Supply Chain Management is usually less costly in public schools than in private ones and cheaper for students who are eligible for in-state tuition.

See below for an overview of the cost of an MBA in Supply Chain Management:

Best Countries for an MBA in Supply Chain Management Average Cost of Tuition per Year
The United States US$ 35,000 — US$ 66,000
The United Kingdom £26,000 — £45,000
Germany €12,500 — €40,000
Canada CA$ 17,000 — CA$ 95,000
Australia AU$ 29,000 — AU$ 85,000
New Zealand NZ$ 13,000 — NZ$ 50,000
France €15,000 — €90,000

What Can I Do After MBA in Supply Chain Management?

The possible career paths after earning an MBA in Supply Chain Management are endless. Many graduates of Supply Chain Management find jobs in international companies soon after earning their MBAs. An important, yet not completely decisive, factor that often plays a huge role in the future of your career is the university where you pursue your degree — which means that graduates of prominent business schools might have an advantage over those who graduated from less prestigious universities.

However, keep in mind that this is not always the case. Apart from the school you graduated from, employers worldwide also highly emphasize your academic achievements and professional experience.

Some of the many job opportunities after earning an MBA in Supply Chain Management include the following positions:

  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Consultant
  • Transportation Director
  • Inventory Planning Specialist
  • Project Manager
  • Industry Analyst
  • Operations Manager
  • Warehousing Manager
  • Production Planner
  • Purchasing Manager
  • Global Logistics Manager

What is the Best Career in Supply Chain Management?

Choosing among the best careers in Supply Chain Management is not easy, as different people look for different things when choosing the right career path. While some might be interested in finding the highest-paying job in the field, others aim to choose a field that best sparks their interest and passion. As a result, choosing the best career path in Supply Chain Management solely depends on you.

To help you decide which career path in Supply Chain suits you best, consider the following steps:

  • Review of Previous Work Experience. Analyzing your satisfaction with previous job positions might help you identify which positions were more fulfilling. Hence, facilitating your career path choice-making process.
  • Assessment of Your Skill Set. Assessing your strongest skills and areas of expertise will help you find the career that best matches your experience. To facilitate this process, you can ask for feedback from people who know you at a professional level.
  • Outline Your Career Goals. Reflecting actively on what your aspirations are and revisiting your career goals is an important step that allows you to keep your career goals achievable and, at the same time, in line with your interests.
  • Evaluation of Your Salary Needs. Although your salary will not guarantee that you will have a satisfying job, determining your earning potential at the beginning of your career and after years of experience is an important step to make when choosing a career path.

Which Supply Chain Field Pays the Most?

Supply Chain Managers are among the professionals earning some of the highest salaries in the management field. Some of the highest-paying positions in Supply Chain are the following:

Supply Chain Field Average Annual Salary
Logistics Manager $115,700
Production Manager $115,630
Facilities Manager $110,400
Sourcing Manager $108,120
Transport Manager $101,300
Inventory Manager $98,850
Quality Manager $91,970
Supply Chain Analyst $74,370
Supply Chain Specialist $71,400

Which Country is Best for Supply Chain Management Jobs?

Effective supply chain management is essential in today’s job market. As a result, the study of the supply chain management field is possible worldwide.

Finding a job in supply chain management can lead to quite a lucrative career and salary if you look for a job in the right place.

The following countries have a reputation for being some of the best for supply chain management jobs:

Country Average Annual Salary
Switzerland CHF 223,000
Japan JPY 10,000,000
Sweden SEK 1,036,000
Luxembourg €108,000
Germany €67,180
Norway SEK 1,030,000
Finland €99,840
Qatar QAR 340,800

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