Study Midwifery in Spain

Study Midwifery in Spain

Midwife led-care increases women’s satisfaction with their birthing experience, and as such, Midwifery has taken a special place in maternity services. Spain offers some of the best medical programs. As a future health professional in Spain, you will receive training from professionals that are the best in their field and who will equip you with the necessary knowledge you need to offer the best care possible.

The curriculum of Midwifery programs in Spain includes courses on Anatomy, Physiology, Social Justice and Healthcare, Life Sciences for Clinical Practice, Midwifery Profession I, II, etc. Midwives in Spain can work in different settings, including private hospitals, GP practices, National Health Service, independent practices, and the armed forces.

Why Study Midwifery in Spain?

Pursuing a degree in Spain means studying in top-notch universities with outstanding lecturers and affordable tuition rates.

Here are a few reasons to study Midwifery in Spain:

  • Learn how to provide personalized care. As a Midwife, you will be responsible for monitoring and examining pregnant women, carrying out screen tests, and providing care for both women and their babies during and after birth. Midwifery programs in Spain will allow you to practice these responsibilities during your studies, and you will learn how to provide personalized care.
  • Stay up to date with current knowledge and skills. Midwifery programs in Spain teach the most up-to-date knowledge. In these programs, all professionals get together and offer an education of the highest quality and create the safest practices so that after graduation, you will be able to provide the best quality care. Although earning a degree in Midwifery in Spain might be challenging, it will be rewarding in equal measure.
  • Graduate in immediate employment. In Spain, plenty of women require alternative care during their pregnancy. This will allow you to graduate in immediate employment. Earning a Midwifery degree in Spain means that you will earn an internationally recognized degree. In addition to this, Midwifery is a global profession, so you can find work not only within Spain but in many countries of the world.
  • Develop transferable skills. Midwifery programs in Spain will help you develop patience, maturity, an understanding attitude, good observation skills, an ability to cope with and stay calm in stressful situations, and not only. These skills are required by all employers, not only those in the medical field. As such, you can use your skills in a variety of professions.
  • Good salary. Midwives in Spain earn good salaries. By working as a Midwife in Spain, you can earn from €1,500 to €4,200 per month. Factors that impact your income potential include your work location, work experience, performance, and skills. In Spain, working in bigger cities can lead to higher salaries. Some of these cities include Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia.