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Study Philosophy in Spain

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Erudera's Complete Guide to Studying Philosophy in Spain

Reasons to Study Philosophy in Spain

Exceptional Study Experience

In Spain, you will most definitely enjoy an exceptional study experience. International students continuously tend to choose this country as their study destination, whether they are looking for a full-time degree program, language course, or exchange program. Spanish universities are highly welcoming to international students, which means you will receive the support you need throughout your studies. Besides, you will always have a new place to explore and something new to learn. As a philosophy student, your curiosity will likely find its ideal place in Spain.

Affordable Education and Living Costs

The education and living costs in Spain for international students are quite reasonable and affordable. For example, you will need around €900 per month to comfortably cover your living expenses in Spain (including the cost of rent). Moreover, tuition fees are not cheap, but they tend to be highly affordable as well. For example, undergraduate tuition fees can generally go up to €1,800 per year. In contrast, master’s tuition fees can go up to €2,700 per year at Spanish public universities—a small price to pay for exceptional education.

Internationally Valued Qualifications

Spanish qualifications are internationally renowned for their high quality. The academic sector is largely advanced in Spain, known for its research, innovation, and comprehensive programs. Regardless of your career aspirations or where you would like to practice your profession, Spanish qualifications will give you an extra edge in the job market, either in Spain or your home country. The qualified faculty, outstanding student support, and world-class facilities are just a few of the things that will contribute to your professional development.

So Much More

What’s better than dwelling on the important matters of life with a pretty view? The Spanish outdoors are fascinating, and the architecture is impressive. But, that’s not all. If you feel like going to the beach, you can simply do so. Visiting a few UNESCO world heritage sites? Spain has 49! Want to enjoy a wonderful cultural experience and some truly incredible dishes? Spain’s the place to be. The number of things you will learn during your studies in Spain will even surprise you. Oh, the people? Super friendly and welcoming! A great bonus to your experience.

Top Universities with Philosophy Programs in Spain

Some of the best universities to pursue a philosophy degree in Spain are:

  1. University of Barcelona
  2. University of Navarra
  3. Pompeu Fabra University
  4. Autonomous University of Madrid
  5. Complutense University of Madrid
  6. University Carlos III of Madrid
  7. University of Valencia
  8. Rey Juan Carlos University


An ideal philosophy student should generally understand ideas, arguments, and other texts of philosophy. What is most important, one of the main requirements is having the ability to think critically, reason logically, and reflect. For admission to undergraduate programs, students must have a high school diploma. In contrast, master’s applicants must have a relevant bachelor’s degree, preferably in philosophy (or another area related to arts and humanities, social and legal sciences, or the field of science). Universities will also ask international applicants to submit proof of language proficiency, depending on the program’s language of instruction.

Application Process

The application process may differ depending on the country you come from. Although all applicants may apply online, the process can vary between students from the European Union and other international students.

Once you decide to apply to a philosophy program in Spain, keep in mind the following aspects of the application process:

  • Students from the European Union: You are eligible to apply for as long as you meet the university entrance requirements in your respective home country (within the EU or educational systems with a reciprocity agreement).
  • Non-EU Students: If you belong to this category, you must obtain the homologation of your pre-university high school studies to the Spanish baccalaureate.

The application process requires you to submit a set of documents, including personal identification documents, proof of language proficiency, academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, as well as your CV and extracurricular activities/work experience.

Degree Duration: How Long Does It Take to Study Philosophy in Spain?

The duration of your philosophy degree program in Spain depends on the level of study as well as your commitment. The duration of philosophy programs at Spanish universities across different study levels is divided as follows:

  • Undergraduate philosophy programs: Four years (240 credits)
  • Postgraduate philosophy programs:
    • Master’s Degree: One year (60 credits)
    • Doctoral Degree: Three to five years of full-time commitment.

Tuition Fees: How Much Does It Cost to Study Philosophy in Spain?

The tuition fee range for bachelor’s programs at public universities in Spain is around €720 to €1,800 per year. Tuition costs for master’s degrees, on the other hand, can range from €960 to €2,700 per year, depending on the university. For example, the Autonomous University of Barcelona charges around 1,020 per year for bachelor’s programs in philosophy. Master’s programs in philosophy at the same university require students to pay around €1,620 per year (domestic and EU students) and €3,960 per year (non-EU students). The cost of tuition can vary. However, generally, it is relatively affordable.

Philosophy Career Prospects in Spain

Careers paths that accompany a philosophy degree are numerous. A philosophy degree will give you significant skills, like problem-solving, analytical skills, the ability to write and speak comprehensively, as well the ability to interpret and examine different thoughts, theories, and points of view. These are only some of the skills you will obtain during your studies, but they are highly valued skills in the job market across different professions.

You will be able to find employment in sectors like education, advertising, marketing, public relations, law firms, publishing companies, banking and insurance companies, charities, or local government, to mention a few. Naturally, salaries will vary depending on the exact job title, company size, and work experience; however, if you wish to work in the education sector, you can expect to earn anywhere from €1,800 to €6,200 per month as a philosophy professor.

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