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Public Relations

Study Public Relations in Spain

Study Public Relations in Spain

Companies must have a good reputation, not only before the public eye but also before other companies or organizations. To ensure a good reputation is held, companies hire public relations (PR) professionals to communicate with different individuals through various forms of existing media.

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You can specialize in different branches in Spain after earning your bachelor’s degree in PR. However, your duties will mainly focus on improving the image and reputation of the company you represent. To do this, you will have to create strategies, make press releases, create advertising campaigns, make newsletters, send emails, and not only.

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Why Study Public Relations in Spain?

In Spain, a degree in public relations can set you up for a lucrative salary. On average, a person working as a PR professional in Spain can earn around €1880 per month, the monthly entry-level salary being €980, and the highest, reaching a total of €2,870 per month.

Apart from an above-industry income, a public relations degree in Spain allows you to:

Earn Exceptional Skills

Public relations specialists play an essential part in the image of a company. As such, developing specific skills is crucial to succeeding in your role as a PR specialist. In Spain, earning a public relations degree means graduation with:

  • An ability to analyze
  • An ability to express yourself both orally and in writing
  • Organizational skills
  • Public speaking skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Observation skills

Moreover, by studying public relations in Spain, you will also have the opportunity to develop your language skills. Now, although Spain offers plenty of PR programs in English, you can still take advantage of the opportunity to learn Spanish — one of the most spoken languages in the world.


PR professionals should be great at networking — because the field of PR is all about meeting, talking, and learning from people. Some networking opportunities you will encounter during your PR studies in Spain include participating in several group projects and placements where you can practice your networking skills.

During your PR studies in Spain, you can also complete internships at a relevant institution, where you can see firsthand how PR professionals do their job; hence, the opportunity to network with people working in the same industry. Note that good networking skills help you gain clients and establish contacts.

Build a Rewarding Career

The field of public relations is quite a competitive field. As such, earning a degree in PR is more or less a must. Apart from equipping you with essential skills and networking opportunities, a PR degree in Spain also allows you to build a rewarding career.

As many international students seek opportunities to find employment and remain in the country after graduation, you can be happy to hear that Spain gives you up to one year after graduating to find a job and stay in the country. Generally, a career in public relations has a great scope in and out of Spain. After graduation, you can work in:

  • Radio or television
  • Advertising agencies
  • Marketing departments
  • Public relations agencies
  • Teaching
  • Counseling

Best Public Relations Master's Degrees in Spain

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