Veterinary Medicine

Study Veterinary Medicine in Spain

Study Veterinary Medicine in Spain

Veterinary Medicine is a science concerned with the treatment, diagnosis, prevention, and control of diseases that affect the health of animals. In Spain, the veterinary profession is governed by CGCVE (Consejo Generalde Colegios de Veterinarios de Espana). If you love to look after animals, you can learn to do so in the excellent universities of Spain. The country has a world-known reputation for offering an excellent quality of education.

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The curriculum of Veterinary Medicine programs in Spain includes anatomy, physiology, genetics, pathology, parasitology, breeding, animal production, infectious diseases, epidemiology, hygiene, etc. Veterinary Medicine courses in Spain aim to develop your full potential in practicing your profession. After you graduate, you will be fully prepared to practice Veterinary.

Best Universities for Veterinary Medicine in Spain

Why Study Veterinary Medicine in Spain?

The stunning scenery, delicious food, and unique traditions are among the reasons that attract expats to visit Spain. However, when it comes to reasons to study Veterinary Medicine, apart from the great universities, the following top the list:

  • Open up a range of future possibilities. With a Veterinary degree, you can find work in private practices, diagnostics laboratories, education, hospitals, etc. You can work in different positions, including ecologist, zoologist, research scientist (medical or life sciences), higher education lecturer, environmental consultant, etc.
  • Training based on direct contact with experts. Pursuing a Veterinary Medicine program in Spain will give you the advantage of training alongside researchers, doctors, and professors — people that make an outstanding teaching team. These professionals are experts in their respective fields, and their goal is to transfer their knowledge.
  • Study Veterinary Medicine in Spanish, English, or French. In Spain, you can study Veterinary Medicine in three different languages: Spanish, English, and French. Some universities use a combination of two languages, allowing you to learn 50% of the course in Spanish and 50% in English. To study in a language other than your native language, you must submit proof of language proficiency through test scores set by your chosen university.
  • Access and training in the hospital and other institutions. Spanish universities maintain close contact with different institutions and medical centers to give you the best preparation possible. This allows you to deal with various cases and gain new knowledge on specialties including neurology, internal medicine, surgery, traumatology, emergencies, and not only.
  • Excellent salary. The salary potential for Veterinarians in Spain depends on crucial factors such as their education level, work experience, and the location they choose to work. Entry-level salaries for Veterinarians in Spain are around €1,450 per month. However, as you gain more experience, you can earn approximately €4,900 per month.

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