American Studies

American Studies in Spain

American Studies in Spain

American Studies is the field that covers the study of the United States culture, society, and history. Spanish universities have years of experience teaching American literature and history and offer programs in all fields of study related to American Studies. As such, pursuing an American Studies degree in Spain will help you become proficient in the analysis of the culture, society, and history of the United States.

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Many people overlook the training majors of the American Studies programs receive and the career paths to which this training leads. Over the course of your studies, you will develop effective writing skills, critical analysis skills, research skills, interdisciplinary thinking and training, and curiosity — all transferable skills that you can use in many fields.

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Why Pursue American Studies in Spain?

Quality of education, high-ranking universities, innovative teaching methodologies, knowledge development, and opportunities characterize a study experience in Spain, among others.

Additionally, what you can find by pursuing American Studies in Spain includes the following:

Committed Teaching Staff

The teaching staff at Spanish universities goes beyond teaching and evaluating you. Its professional teaching team has made the Spanish higher education system successful and prominent. During your studies, you will find that you have created a rapport with your professors, who are very approachable and a great example of academic excellence.

American Studies professors in Spain have extensive professional experience, and most have been lecturing in Spanish universities for a long time, offering dynamic and interactive classes. To ensure you receive the best preparation and have a great CV when you graduate, Spanish universities find internships or work placements that relate directly to your field of study.

Internships and Work Placements Opportunities

To enhance your learning experience and skill development process, Spanish universities provide you with plenty of opportunities for hands-on experience in your field of study. Over the course of your studies, you can practice what you have learned during your classes in real-world work environments due to the numerous partnerships universities have with successful companies.

Along with the many opportunities for internships and work placements, Spanish universities regularly plan and organize events with numerous organizations so students can network with people of different backgrounds. As a result, you will have the opportunity to make connections with people who can have an impact on the future of your career.

Good Career Prospects

Besides providing you with opportunities for hands-on experience, American Studies programs in Spain also expose you to a range of options in various fields, including:

  • Education-Related Institutions
  • Cultural Institutions
  • Public Service
  • Social Services
  • Communications, Journalism, Public Relations
  • Business

Regarding your salary potential after graduating with an American Studies degree in Spain, know that it can vary depending on which field you choose to work in. On average, you can make from 1,200 to €5,000 per month with an American Studies degree in Spain. Whatsmore, you can also use your degree and work in countries other than Spain.

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