Study Construction in Spain

Study Construction in Spain

The construction field includes building anything from single and multi-family homes to roads, airports, bridges, or sewer systems. In Spain, between 2010 and 2020, the construction sector grew by 3.2%, and it is still expected to grow due to increased government investment. Actually, over the years, the construction sector in Spain has been one of the drivers of the Spanish economy.

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Construction programs in Spanish universities offer dynamic teaching and learning methods that focus on the central characters of the learning process — the students themselves. Additionally, the country welcomes thousands of international students from all over the world. The large number of international peers you study with allows you to benefit from the class discussions and diverse input.

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7,000 Students


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Why Study Construction in Spain?

Spanish universities offer construction programs at all educational levels allowing you to study the field at your desired level. You can pursue various specializations within the field and differentiate yourself from other peers or candidates with your skillset.

Additionally, in terms of studying construction in Spain, you will:

Receive High-Quality Education

It is a known fact that Spanish universities have an excellent reputation for their quality of education. Construction programs in Spain, in particular, are known for their quality, detail, and depth within the construction field. In international rankings, Spanish universities rank among the top universities worldwide — giving degrees earned in the country an international reputation.

The quality of education in Spanish universities leads to the development of many essential skills in the construction field. Upon completing your studies, you will develop a problem-solving mindset, the ability to build relationships and a reputation in a team setting, time management and organizational skills, adaptability, and flexibility, to name a few - which are fundamental skills for someone working in the construction field.

Create Your Portfolio

The opportunities to develop work experience while studying and creating your portfolio are something you can take advantage of while studying construction in Spain. Universities have countless partnerships with different stakeholders, allowing you to complete internships in various settings. Hence, giving you the chance to practice your profession in real-life settings.

Another advantage of earning a construction degree in Spain is that your qualifications are recognized globally. Due to the high quality of education in the country, employers worldwide welcome professionals with a Spanish qualification into their companies. The country also allows you to stay and work after graduation, as long as you can find a job within a year after completing your degree.

Earn a Good Salary

As construction includes residential, industrial, infrastructure, and commercial construction, and not only, work opportunities for you after graduating are numerous. In Spain, some of the professions you can choose after earning your degree in construction include but are not limited to the following:

  • Construction Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Site Manager
  • Estimator
  • Town Planner
  • Quantity Surveyor
  • Facilities Manager
  • Inspector
  • Field Engineer

Construction graduates in Spain earn pretty decent salaries. An entry-level salary for a construction graduate in Spain is around €2,100 per month. More experienced construction graduates can earn up to €7,300 per month. Note that salaries between different construction professionals differ greatly based on the years of work experience, performance, and location.

Best Construction Master's Degrees in Spain


Civil Engineering

University of Granada

Master degree



University of the Basque Country_logo

Construction Engineering

University of the Basque Country

Master degree


Euroinnova Business School logo

Sustainable Construction

Euroinnova Business School

Master degree