Study Criminology in Spain

Study Criminology in Spain

Criminology is the field concerned with the study of crime as a social and individual phenomenon. Apart from studying crime, criminology also studies its causes, prevention, and correction. You can find criminology programs in Spain at some of the country’s best universities.

Criminology degrees in Spain offer plenty of opportunities for real-life experience in the criminology field. During your studies, you can complete an internship in a local or state law enforcement agency, juvenile detention center, federal government agency, and not only. Spanish criminology programs consider internships an opportunity for you to choose which part of the field interests you the most.

Best Universities for Criminology in Spain

65,789 Students


23,835 Students

Santiago de Compostela

80,000 Students


Why Study Criminology in Spain?

Spain is a great destination for criminology studies for plenty of reasons, one being the excellent quality of education in the country’s higher education system.

If you are wondering what it is like to study criminology in Spain and what you will benefit from a criminology degree in Spain, consider the following:

Learn from Real-Life Criminologists

An advantage of pursuing a criminology degree in Spain is that you will learn from the best in the field. Many professionals who start working in roles like lawyers, police officers, or other roles decide to transition in their careers and work in educational institutions — equipping criminology programs in Spain with experts with an extensive background in the criminology field.

Apart from teaching at universities, some of your professors also teach courses in different criminal justice institutions. The extensive professional experience of the teaching staff at Spanish universities will allow you to stay up-to-date with the latest developments or news related to your field.

Broaden Your Understanding of Criminology

Pursuing a criminology degree in Spain will give you a more profound knowledge of the justice and legal system. What the experts in the criminology field will teach you is the ability to analyze crime-related problems, what can influence crime and criminal behavior, using data, look at the growing crime rates, and not only.

Working in criminology is essential to know how to work independently, but it is also crucial to be able to work in groups or manage teams. Considering that throughout your career in criminology, you will have to work with people from fields other than criminology, the ability to work in groups will be a highly desired skill.

Open Doors to a Wide Range of Career Prospects

The criminology field offers a variety of career paths to criminology graduates. Typically, your career prospects will depend on your specialization in criminology. Nonetheless, you will have plenty of exciting opportunities to explore once you obtain your criminology degree in Spain.

Criminologists in Spain also earn good salaries. On average, you can earn around €38,800 per year working in the criminology field. With a longer work experience, you can qualify for an even higher salary. A career in criminology can secure you a job in different roles in institutions like:

  • Courts
  • Universities
  • Corrections facilities
  • Criminal forensics
  • Police services
  • Community groups,
  • Government departments
  • Social psychology labs

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