Universities: Int’l Students Should Be Motivated to Stay in Australia, Not Deterred

Australia Oceania International Studies Higher Education News by Erudera News Apr 27, 2023


Universities Australia, the peak body for the country’s universities, has expressed disappointment with the current visa system in Australia, saying that international students should be encouraged to stay in the country rather than be deterred.

These comments came following the publication of the final report: Review of the Migration System, published by the Australian government, which the universities welcomed, Erudera.com reports.

Universities Australia Chief Executive Catriona Jackson highlighted the need for a system that recognizes the benefits of migration, particularly one that provides certainty to international workers who can contribute to the workforce in Australia.

According to Jackson, international students play an important role in this regard. She said that hundreds of thousands of international students are educated in Australia, but only 16 percent decide to stay in the country after graduation and use their academic skills as Australian residents.

“Our current visa system has caused this brain drain, leaving Australia worse off as we battle skill shortages and productivity problems,” Jackson said.

“If there is a clear need for the skills and knowledge of international graduates, our system should encourage them to stay rather than deterring them.”

The review also highlights the lack of focus on attracting the best talents from the world. Authors note that the student visa program has not yet delivered on its potential as an important “source of high performing skilled migrant.”

It further points out that international students face challenges while transitioning to the job market and that extending post-study work rights for international students who earned their degrees from an Australian institution may only provide some relief but not solve the problem.

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According to the report, migration can be helpful for the nation by supporting the export of services, especially international students who, in the 2019/20 academic year, provided $26 billion to the higher education sector.

The review presents a series of options and instructions for Australia’s migration system that the government can take into consideration. Different organizations and individuals who share the goal of building a better migration system in the country contributed to its development with their views on the system.

Last year, 360,358 international students attended Australian higher education providers. Overall, the number of international students across all educational sectors in Australia (613,327) increased by seven percent compared to the previous year.

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