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Urban Planning

Study Urban Planning in Spain

Study Urban Planning in Spain

Urban planning in Spain is a field that covers planning and development at the architectural, infrastructural, economic, and ecological levels. The curriculum of the urban planning program in Spain includes courses like land use, urban design, environmental planning, transportation planning, economic development, geographic information systems (GIS), and more — courses that complement and build upon each other in giving the society professionals of the urban planning field.

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As an urban planner, your main task will be to develop and design urban areas. This includes organizing infrastructure, parks, transportation, and residential neighborhoods into well-functioning communities.

Best Universities for Urban Planning in Spain

Why Study Urban Planning in Spain?

To practice your profession as an urban planner, you will need to learn how to identify issues and find solutions while considering factors like laws, economics, policies, and demographics. Choosing to study urban planning degree in Spain will give you access to well-tailored urban planning programs, outstanding teaching staff, and a diverse student community.

In addition to this, pursuing an urban planning degree in Spain means having access to:

World-class Institutions

Spain has one of the best quality of higher education worldwide. International students from all over the world come to study in Spain, making the country a hub for international students. Plenty of Spain’s higher education institutions rank among the best universities globally, and some of these highly-ranked universities offer urban planning programs.

Spanish universities offer urban planning courses in English in outstanding facilities. Moreover, Spain’s universities have multiple agreements with different stakeholders, allowing you to complete internships in different settings and gain real-world experience. The goal of urban planning programs in Spain is to bridge the gap between education and the real world.

Work Opportunities

A degree in urban planning allows you to work in different settings with different stakeholders. After earning your urban planning degree in Spain, you can work as an Urban and Regional Planner, Project Management Specialist, Transportation Planner, Geographic Information System (GIS) Planner, Building Inspector, etc.

Work opportunities for you after graduation do not end in Spain. Considering that the country provides all students with internationally recognized qualifications, you can also find work in other countries. The United States is one of the places that recognizes Spanish qualifications and pays urban planning graduates quite well (an entry salary of US$47,430 or €44,355).

Promising Salary

As an expert in the use of land and space, you can expect a lucrative salary after your degree in urban planning. Experienced urban planners can earn up to €2,350 per month.

Work experience might be a crucial factor in your salary potential, but other factors such as your skills, work performance, and location might impact how much you earn. If you choose to practice your profession as an urban planner in larger cities like Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, or Valencia, you might earn more. Similarly, more developed countries tend to pay urban planners higher salaries.

Best Urban Planning Master's Degrees in Spain

ELISAVA School of Design and Engineering logo.png

Commercial Space Design: Retail Design

ELISAVA School of Design and Engineering

Master degree


Spanish, English

ELISAVA School of Design and Engineering logo.png

Design for Resilience

ELISAVA School of Design and Engineering

Master degree



University of Barcelona logo.jpeg

Urban Design

University of Barcelona

Master degree


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