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Visual Arts

Study Visual Arts in Spain

Study Visual Arts in Spain

Spanish universities have a detailed visual arts curriculum. Its courses aim to hone your specific artistic skills, develop your knowledge of art theory, explore the work of both historical and contemporary artists, teach you how to communicate your ideas through art, and most importantly, reflect critically on your work.

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The field of visual arts includes art forms like painting, sculpture, design, photography, video, architecture, filmmaking, ceramics, printmaking, and drawing. In Spain, visual arts programs allow you to explore all the various disciplines within this broad field, at all levels, be it at the undergraduate or postgraduate level.

Best Universities for Visual Arts in Spain

Why Study Visual Arts in Spain?

In Spain, your degree in visual arts will help you develop your creativity, ability to collaborate, software programs skills, interpersonal skills, mechanical skills, marketing and business skills, and not only.

Apart from skill development, other reasons that make studying visual arts in Spain an excellent option include:

Renowned Schools

Spain has some of the best art schools you can study in. These institutions have an outstanding infrastructure, and the lecturers you will be in close contact with are professionals in their respective fields. The qualifications you earn while studying in Spain give you an advantage when applying for a new job due to the quality of education provided by these institutions. Moreover, in Spain, you will find courses in all fields of visual art.

Some of the visual arts degrees you can pursue in the country include but are not limited to the following:

  • Fashion Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Photography
  • Film
  • Fine Arts
  • Education
  • Architecture
  • Computer Graphics
  • Advertising
  • Publishing

Career Development

The study of visual arts in Spain can lead to employment in numerous fields. As an artist, you will have the opportunity to make a living doing something you love and working in multiple industries. In Spain, many visual arts graduates are successfully employed within a few months after graduation.

In Spain, with a degree in visual arts, you can secure yourself positions like Art Director, Fashion Designer, Graphic Designer, Architect, Urban Designer, Computer Animation, Art Teacher, Studio Owner, Photographer, Comic Book Artist, Illustrator, Storyboard Artist, Curator, Gallery Owner, Event Planner, and not only.

High Income Potential

Considering that the field of visual arts is quite broad, pinpointing the exact amount of your salary can be tricky. However, below you can see the average salary graduates of some of the visual arts fields in Spain earn:

  • Architects. Average salary of €3,380/month.
  • Musicians. Average salary of €2,210/month.
  • Interior designers. Average salary of €2,880/month.
  • Graphic designers. Average salary of €1,880/month.
  • Fashion designers. Average salary of €2,270/month.
  • Urban planners. Average salary of €2,120/month.
  • Photographers. Average salary of €2,170/month.
  • Art teachers. Average salary of €2,490/month.
  • Sculptors. Average salary of €1,912/month.

Best Visual Arts Master's Degrees in Spain

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