Aerospace Engineering

Study Aerospace Engineering in Germany

Study Aerospace Engineering in Germany

Germany is a great study destination for those interested in pursuing a career in Aerospace Engineering. German universities provide thorough programs in this field of engineering, and employment opportunities are also abundant.

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Germany is affordable when it comes to living costs as well as tuition fees. Most public universities require low or no tuition fees at all. German universities collaborate closely with the industry, which is a significant advantage for students in engineering programs.

Reasons to Study Aerospace Engineering in Germany

  • German universities are at the forefront of innovation and research.
  • Due to Germany’s excellence in research and technological development, studying Aerospace Engineering in Germany gives students an extra edge in the job market in Germany and worldwide.
  • German universities work closely with the industry, which means students gain hands-on experience in how the aerospace industry fundamentally works.
  • The industry salary is excellent in Germany for aerospace engineers. An aerospace engineer in Germany earns an average of €59,000 per year, increasing up to €89,000 with experience.

Structure of Aerospace Engineering Courses in Germany

Students pursuing an Aerospace undergraduate or postgraduate degree are part of extensive and thorough programs, where they learn about the concepts and development of space vehicles, satellites, and everything related to aerospace.

Bachelor Programs

Bachelor's programs in Aerospace Engineering at German universities provide students with the knowledge and skills to secure a national or international aerospace industry career. Aerospace Engineering Bachelor programs in Germany have a standard duration of 6 to 7 semesters. The first three semesters usually cover the fundamentals, while starting from the fourth semester, students begin their specialization in aerospace topics.

A bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering in Germany provides opportunities to find employment in the aerospace industry or obtain positions in the automotive sector, sectors of high-speed rail transportation, or others. Some universities require students to have undertaken an internship prior to their Bachelor studies as part of their admission requirements.

Master Programs

The standard duration of studies for a Master’s program in Aerospace Engineering in Germany is four full-time semesters. The master’s program usually consists of master modules divided into integrated systems, propulsion systems, fluid dynamics/aerodynamics, dynamics and control technology, etc. The program also includes practical courses, supplementary subjects, as well as a research internship. During the last semester, students are expected to work on their Master’s thesis.

Some universities use German, English, or both as the medium of instruction for Master’s programs in Aerospace Engineering.

Job Prospects and Other Facts

Germany has its share of excellence and expertise in development in the global aerospace industry, which means studying Aerospace Engineering in Germany is a unique opportunity to advance your career and earn exceptional skills in this sector. Generally, a career in Aerospace Engineering has a great scope, not only in Germany but internationally.

Top companies in Germany hiring aerospace engineers:

  • German Aerospace Center (DLR)
  • Airbus
  • Collins Aerospace
  • Liebherr Aerospace
  • Diehl Aviation

The average salary for aerospace engineers in Germany is approximately €59,000 per year, depending on experience.

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