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Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing in Germany

Cloud Computing in Germany

The demand for Cloud Computing professionals is growing rapidly and there is a potential cloud computing skills gap in Germany. Studies show that the number of companies that will use cloud computing will increase and this will have a significant impact on the demand for cloud computing professionals in Germany. Universities in Germany aim to prepare you so you can meet the demands of the job market after you graduate.

Your Cloud Computing program in Germany will introduce you to the fundamentals of the degree. In addition to this, you will also develop skills that will allow you to communicate cloud-based solutions to the requirements of your customers. After graduation, you will be able to schedule various requests and efficiently manage resources.

Why Study Cloud Computing in Germany

Germany has it all, a great economy, affordable living costs, work opportunities for international students, a diverse community, and a long cultural and historical heritage.

In regards to Cloud Computing, Germany has the following:

  • Well-established technical universities. The fact that Germany has some excellent universities can be seen in world international rankings. Technical universities in Germany rank high in international rankings, making your German qualification recognized all around the world. In addition to having your degree recognized internationally, you will also have an advantage when applying for a job.
  • Great job prospects. The Cloud Computing market has been and continues to be a strong one and the demand for Cloud Computing professionals is increasing rapidly. Some of the most in-demand Cloud Computing jobs in Germany include Platform Engineers, Data Engineers, Full-Stack Developers, Cloud Network Engineers, Cloud Automation Engineers, Cloud Security Analysts, etc.
  • High earning potential. Cloud Computing graduates in Germany are paid generously. You can expect to earn from €58,800 to €104,700 per year after earning your Cloud Computing degree in Germany. However, you should note that several variables affect your salary and these include your skillset, development, work experience, and work setting.
  • Opportunity to remain in the country after graduation. An advantage of earning a Cloud Computing degree in Germany as an international student is that you can stay in the country after graduation and practice your profession. After you graduate, you have a period of 18 months to find a job and be eligible for a residence permit.
  • Affordable fees. Germany is highly sought after by international students due to its tuition fees — which are fairly affordable in comparison to other developed countries such as the United States or the United Kingdom. For Cloud Computing programs, you can pay from €100 to €300 for administrative fees at a public university since these universities are usually tuition-free. At private universities, tuition fees are higher.