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Study Politics in the United Kingdom

Study Politics in the United Kingdom

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Erudera's Complete Guide to Studying Politics in The UK

Reasons to Study Politics in the United Kingdom

Globally Recognized Qualifications

There are thousands of institutions in the world that recognize qualifications awarded by universities in the United Kingdom. This makes one of the top reasons why studying politics in the country is the best option. Whether you decide to go back to your home country, remain in the United Kingdom, or pursue a career in politics in a whole other country, a degree from UK universities will remove barriers to global job opportunities.

Learn from Experts in the Field

Studying politics in the United Kingdom offers the opportunity to engage with experts in the field of politics. And, since receiving great education begins with great teachers, studying in the United Kingdom will offer you the opportunity to learn in one of the best academic environments as well as from a respected academic staff. These people who have high teaching standards, have different experiences which they will share with you, will encourage and challenge you so when you enter the world of work you will be highly prepared.

Tailor your Degree to Your Career Ambitions

What makes the United Kingdom a great place to study politics is that you will have the opportunity to choose modules that fit your interests best. Having the choice to tailor your degree will put you at an advantage since you will not be spending your time learning along the same well-trodden road as everyone else, but you will select courses that give you exactly what you need. The ultimate goal is that by the time you graduate you are equipped with an experience that will help you land your desired career.

Positive Impact on your Career Goals

Receiving a great education, obtaining a degree that is recognized globally, learning from experts, and being able to tailor your degree to your own strengths and interests will definitely have an impact on your career goals. During your studies you will be able to connect with people of different experiences in the field of politics, you will be able to undertake a practical work placement. This experience will allow you to think beyond your studies and allow you to experience what actually happens in the job setting.


Meeting the requirements set by the university you wish to apply to is an important part of the admission process. The United Kingdom is made up of four countries and universities of each of these countries have different requirements for admission to their politics courses. Nonetheless, there are some general documents that are required by universities in general, and these include:

  • Proven academic excellence
  • Official transcripts
  • Statement of purpose
  • Reference/letters of recommendation
  • English language proficiency (IELTS 7.5; TOEFL iBT 110; C1 Advanced 191; C2 Proficiency 191)
  • 4 Tier Visa

If you are applying for a postgraduate degree in politics, as a minimum, you must hold the following qualifications:

  • An undergraduate degree in political science or international relations, or in a related discipline such as history, law, economics, philosophy, or sociology
  • A minimum GPA (usually set by the university)
  • English language proficiency
  • Work experience

Application Process

In the United Kingdom, you can apply for an undergraduate degree in politics via the Universities and Colleges Admission Service (UCAS). This centralized application portal deals with the applications of all undergraduate students who wish to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in the United Kingdom. Applying for a politics degree is done by registering with UCAS first. After creating an account and completing the required information you select the universities to which you want to send your application. Note that you can apply for up to five courses, and the universities you select will not see where else you have applied.

Applying directly to the university of your choice is another option. However, in order to do this, you should first check if your chosen university accepts applications directly or if they prefer to receive your application through UCAS. If the option of sending applications directly to the university stands, you can apply through their application portal. Information about this process is usually found on the website of the university.

Degree Duration: How Long Does It Take to Study Politics in the United Kingdom?

In the United Kingdom, undergraduate degrees in politics take three to four years of full-time study to complete. During the first years of your undergraduate studies, you will be introduced to the key areas of politics. A considerable part of your studies will be focused on the different controversies that have happened over the course of history and how they were resolved. You will be involved in debates, understand the origin of political ideologies, learn how government and politics work, gain knowledge in topics such as globalization, migration, humanitarian intervention, and not only.

You can also pursue postgraduate studies in this discipline. Master’s degrees in the discipline of politics take one to two years to complete. In this stage of your studies, you will acquire substantive knowledge in one of the sub-areas of the field of politics.

Tuition Fees: How Much Does It Cost to Study Politics in the United Kingdom?

Each year of your program you will be charged a fee. Your classification as a home or overseas student will determine the amount of tuition fees you will have to pay. Usually, tuition fees for overseas students are higher, and they include lectures, seminars, tutorials, (some) field trips, access to the library, and computing facilities.

An average of tuition fees for a degree in politics in the United Kingdom lists as follows:

Level of Study Tuition fees for international students
Undergraduate $24,793 to $51,014 (£17,500 to £36,000)
Postgraduate $20,405 to $42,516 (£14,400 to £30,000)

Note that these are only representative averages and they may vary from one university to another.

Politics Degree Career Prospects in the United Kingdom

Obtaining a degree in politics in the United Kingdom will trigger a lifetime of opportunities considering that UK graduates are highly sought after by employers of various sectors. This degree will allow you to choose a career between:

  • Policy Analyst
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Speechwriter
  • Politician
  • Journalist
  • Charities fundraiser
  • Political Adviser
  • Lobbyist
  • Lecturer
  • Political risk analyst, etc.

Graduates of this field earn around $21,282 to $63,848 (£15,000 to £45,000).

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