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Public Administration

Study Public Administration in Germany

Study Public Administration in Germany

The public administration degree — whether undergraduate or graduate — provides students with knowledge and expertise to work in several areas of specialization. Some of the most common fields that public administration graduates in Germany work in include public services at both local, federal, and state level. Public administration in Germany is considered to be one of the most prestigious degrees for international students. Since the study of public administration is closely related to equality and justice, Germany is the ideal study destination considering the country’s reputation for tolerance and acceptance.

German universities offer free tuition for international students studying public administration at the undergraduate level at public institutions. Since international students are treated equally in Germany, a public administration degree can benefit them both socially and professionally, considering the importance of social policies in the country.

With a degree in public administration, you can work one of the following jobs:

  • Civil Servants
  • Government Officer
  • Health Administrator
  • Urban Planner
  • Budget Analyst, etc.

In the capital city of Germany, 200,000 employees are working in the public administration sector, proving the country’s ongoing competitiveness for professionals.

Best Universities for Public Administration in Germany

Why Study Public Administration in Germany?

The excellent academic achievements of public universities in Germany make for a great destination to study any degree, including the public administration field. Public administration graduates can use the skills gained at university in various fields available, depending on the job requirements.

A few reasons to study public administration in Germany include:

  • The average salary for working in the public administration field in Germany ranges from €24,500 to €71,000 per year.
  • Students who choose to study public administration in Germany have the freedom to select from a variety of the most prestigious universities.
  • With a degree in public administration, German companies, institutions, and organizations offer numerous job positions in several fields such as economics, sociology, law, psychology, political science, etc.
  • The German government is always open to new employees and professionals with a master’s degree or higher in public administration, which is a great advantage of getting such a degree.
  • Except for job opportunities available in Germany, public administration graduates can get employment in close cities as well, including countries like Belgium, Austria, Liechtenstein, and more.
  • Most German universities require or recommend that students work during their studies since prior experience in public administration can guarantee a job in the industry.
  • With a public administration degree, you can get a job in the German private sector that pays their employees well and offers great benefits.