Business Analytics

Study Business Analytics in Germany

Study Business Analytics in Germany

A degree in business analytics has become a big part of the German business industry, especially in the last few years with the integration of the internet in German companies. There is an increasing necessity for business analytics experts in the IT world and data scientists, as an essential part of German businesses interested in international recognition. Most German companies dealing with digitalization in the workplace are constantly recruiting new business analytics experts or even beginners in the industry — with the idea of expanding internationally.

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Considering business analytics is a new field in both academia and Germany's job industry, training and internships are essential. Universities in Germany have started equipping both the staff and students with the needed skills in Information Technology and Communications departments.

Many master's programs in Germany require some work or internship experience after getting a bachelor's degree in business analytics. This comes from the field’s nature that mainly implements practical work rather than theoretical knowledge. Getting a career in business analytics may require various specialization degrees depending on the department you are interested in.

A few specializations offered in the business analytics field are:

  • Business Intelligence
  • Big Data Management
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Engineering
  • Business Informatics
  • Data Science

Most employers in German companies that offer jobs for business analytics majors require trainings in some of the relatable fields. These fields include finance and accounting, business management, marketing, and strategy.

Why Study Business Analytics in Germany?

Since German companies are constantly growing in the business world — both locally and internationally — it is an excellent destination for those who want a career in business analytics. The country’s famous culture, excellent higher education, and employment opportunities make for most of its reputation as an outstanding study destination.

A few reasons to study business analytics in Germany include:

  • The international population residing in Germany proves the country’s friendliness and openness to new cultures.
  • Germany's average salary for business analytics majors is around €52,370 per year.
  • SAP Business Analyst is the highest paying job in business analytics, with an average salary of €68,300 per year.
  • Almost all German universities and most start-ups and big companies in Germany offer English-taught courses and job positions where English is the main language.
  • With a degree in business analytics in Germany, you will be able to analyze and interpret data, which you will be able to use in your future career.
  • The business analytics field is most prevalent in big German cities like Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, and Dusseldorf.
  • The German education system is one of the most popular globally, and the business field is one of the most prestigious fields.
  • German universities have invested in the academic curriculum and staff in the business analytics department, considering it is a new field worldwide.
  • Most German universities offer free master’s degree programs, and business analytics jobs mostly require applicants to have a master's degree in business.